Monday, November 28, 2005

Mangalore and Me

Snippets of my weekend trip to Mangalore.....

Mangalore - Calm, quiet, clean and safe place. Courteous people. Excellent transport system.
Not yet gone the Bangalore way (and hope it won't either). A little too hot for a hardcore Bangalorean like me (and it's supposed to be winter!). All shops close by 9 30. :-o

Function at hubby's relatives' house. - Me "new" bride. Clad in heavy Kanjeevaram saree. Forgotten safety pins. Borrow from hostess and fasten saree firmly. All friendly people. Feel comfy.
But Mangalore-heat + heavy-Kanjeevaram + constant-smiling + hunger = headache.
Lunch at last. Delicious. Five types of sweets. Slurp. Food done.
But Mangalore-heat + heavy-Kanjeevaram + constant-smiling + full-tummy = deep sleep.
Back to room. Collapse.

Coincidence - Had heard loads about the Kannada movie "Aptamitra" and the Tamil movie "Chandramukhi". Had also vaguely heard that one is a remake of the other. Also knew that both are superhits. Had never got round to watching Aptamitra (Me Kannadiga). Friday night, on the night bus from Bangalore to Mangalore - movie being screened - "Aptamitra". VCD gets stuck within 1 hour of the movie - I go to sleep. 12 hours later - Saturday morning at relatives' house - Kids watching "Chandramukhi" with subtitles. I enter room at exactly the point where Aptamitra VCD got stuck the previous night on the bus. Watched the rest of Chandramukhi with kids.

Strange happenings in hotel room - Midnight. Me and hubby fast asleep. My cell gets unlocked and lights up all by itself. Faced no such problems before. Shrug it off and go to sleep. TV gets switched on all by itself. Reminiscent of "The Ring". Switch off TV and go to sleep. No further curious events. Still don't know the reason for this. :)

Temple visits - Anegudde Ganapati temple at Khumbashi, and Gurunarasimha temple at Saligrama, about 85 km from Mangalore. Lord Narasimha of Saligrama - Ugra(angry) Narasimha. Anjaneya temple built opposite the main temple to cool down the effects of Ugranarasimha. First visit Anjaneya temple, and then Narasimha temple. Have lunch at the temple. Good.

Udupi - Famous Krishna temple at Udupi. Even more famous (??) Hotel Diana - originators of the wonderful Gadbad icecream. - Eat the original Gadbad. Revel in the taste. All other Gadbads fade in comparison.
Mission Accomplished. :)


Raj said...

Gadbad ice cream?? Never heard of it.

Shruthi said...

Gadbad is a type of icecream - it is not a brand - will dedicate a post entirely to it shortly :)

Rauf said...

Yenoo ? yellige' hogteeri ??
Lublee place ! EEEEEEEEEEEEE
how didda you go da Mangalore ?
If you didda notta go thru Mercara
you committa a crima. Bad man you are.

oh dear!! forgottam how I wentum Dharmasthala, how did I go there ?? thinking thinking just curiosity took me there, me not a demble going man.

and so You had a visitor !! well well well !! an alien perhaps ? missed close encounter of the fourth kind ?

Rauf said...

and your fonts are so small
hard to read.

indiacorporatewatch said...

Hey I didn't know you were married !

Congratulations !

Looks like you got married recently?

Gadbad is an all time favorite

Are you a native of Mangalore ?

My parents come from that side
I think it is North Kanara

Shruthi said...

@Rauf: Are the fonts really that small? Will consider changing it!

@Abhay: Thank you Abhay :) Got married 4 months back.. and no, I am not a native of Mangalore.

Rauf said...

yeppoo very small fonts, so small that i am missing all the gadbad fun, had it in bangalore once,
How did you go to Mangalore ?
thru Mercara or Saklespur ?
You are NOT reading the comments

Shruthi said...

@Rauf: I AM reading the comments - Went to Mangalore via Sakaleshpur, and no, I have not missed anything coz I have gone to Madikeri(Mercara) too, some other time :)

Patrick said...

The TV going on by itself, and the cell phone getting unlocked. LOL. This is sure amazing. Which hotel were you staying....I might take some fancy gadgets for the creepers

- -