Friday, April 14, 2017

The history of Lalbagh's trees - article in BLink

If you've walked at Lalbagh, you've seen, no, experienced those gorgeous trees. But if you're like me, I bet you wouldn't have realized that many of those trees are from across the world, and some are extremely rare. And many of them have a story behind them, and there's rich history in every corner of Lalbagh. I wrote about some of that history in this week's BLink.

Read the article here.


Nagraj Rao said...

A very well researched article to give us lot many unknown facts. I remember having gone there many a times with my colleagues during my two year stay at Indian Institute of Sciences. But exerting Master of Engineering programme there did not give us requisite time to understand it botanically or historically.except to take leisurely rounds and enjoy famous south Indian dishes in the adjoining eatery named MTR.
Recently, I was in Bangaluru and spent two nighjts with Shruti's parents Nagraj and Brinda who took me back to Lal Bagh on 16th Dec 2017 (after 47 years) and I got lost in memory lanes
Alas , I could have read this article before this visit.
Anyway, well done Shruti. Kudos to you for this informative article written in a lyrical style.

Rajendra Mehta
Jodhpur India

B Pradeep Nair said...

I remember reading the article in BLink. Didn't know if was by the person whose blog was on my blogroll.

Indeed, Lalbagh is a veritable treasure house of flora. My initial visits there were spent mostly in soaking in the verdant splendour, and I got really interested in knowing more about the plants only when I took a friend from Germany there.

The article is very informative; I didn't know many of the stuff you have mentioned in it.

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