Monday, August 10, 2015

Whale Watching at Monterey Bay

We booked tickets for the 1 30 trip last Saturday to go whale-watching at Monterey Bay. We left home at 11, which we didn't know was too late. So we got stuck in traffic on the freeway (which by the way had wonderful ocean views towards the end) and reached Monterey at 1 20 or so. (Now that's an entirely new experience for us, used as we are to reaching far too early and waiting it out.) And then we had to go find parking, and when we did find a pay and park building and finished parking, we had to wait for a trolley that would take us to the Boardwalk, and when we couldn't find the trolley, we had to run on the streets of Monterey to catch the boat. But catch it we did with minutes to spare.

And I'm glad we did. 

The ocean was this deep mesmerizing blue. And as much as I adore the grandeur of the mountains, I must say that the vastness and the mystery of the ocean is giving intense competition to the mountains for a favoured place in my heart. Ah well, I'll just expand a little more (my heart I mean) and accommodate both of them. 

Now if I have a friend who'll take me on a yacht... :)

As we went 15 miles into the sea (I'll be speaking in miles and pounds for a while. You are welcome to laugh at me. Well, I would have laughed at myself two months ago) - I enjoyed watching the wake of the boat. How beautifully the waters swirl and swish. And so much blueness!

We saw a dozen hump-backed whales just doing their thing, showing off their lovely tails with white markings. It was very exciting to watch them blow. Something that I've been obsessed with for decades. One whale was very close, its glistening body going in and out of the water for a while before it disappeared. 

I do have a video or two of the whales, but nothing to write home about. Honestly, I was happier seeing it live than bother and worry about pressing the record button in time. (I'm becoming like S. I have to watch out.)

It was very cold and windy, but the sun beat down intensely upon us. I'm going to need a while to understand that phenomenon. 

We got back to land and ate some fabulous crepes and hot apple cider (that sounds good, doesn't it? I would've been totally drooling if I'd read this on someone else's blog) at a cafe on the boardwalk, saw the Customs House, the oldest building in California before we left.

Next to do: Go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium


Anu said...

We had gone whale watching in the Boston Harbor, and in vain the boat covered many many "miles" - I ended up being severely sea-sick and not one whale did we see. We have a lifetime rain check to go back anytime - thanks but no thanks:) Good to note you had whale of a time though!

austere said...

What a lovely blue!
Not one pic of a whale? Now now...

- -