Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Four signs that Puttachi's vacation has gone on for too long.

1) She's creating a sugar trail around the house, complete with obstacles, to feed and entertain ants.
2) I overheard her talking to SIRI on my phone, asking it in her best imitation of an American accent, "SIRI, will you visit me?"
3) She has created a whole range of furniture and a car (with seat belt) for her tiny thumb-sized doll, out of nothing but flimsy construction paper and sellotape.
4) She lay sprawled on the bed, looking at the sky through the window, and told me, "Amma, sometimes I feel that the whole world is just a huge video game, and a giant is pushing buttons and making us all move, and is laughing at us."


Art said...

The last point... I can so relate to it..

And ofcourse as its said.. The world is a stage.. and we are all puppets.. looks like she has understood this very early in life..

Akhila S said...

As much has I have enjoyed reading your blog from my Bangalore days (I lived in south Bangalore, before moving to the SF Bay area), especially parenting. If I haven't left many comments, then I blame it on Feedly (Google reader before that) :) But, it was wonderful to know that you have moved to this part of the world. May be we should meet-up. what say?

Shruthi said...

Art, yeah that's exactly what her statement sounded like!

Akhila, ha ha, I could have written that comment - South Bangalore, SF Bay Area, blaming not commenting on Feedly and Google Reader before that ha ha! Same here, same here. Do email me on the id on this blog.

Anonymous said...
Saw this and thought about you and this post.
- Radhika

Shruthi said...

Radhika, hahahaha!

- -