Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Really Short History of Nearly Everything

I'm reading out Bill Bryson's "A Really Short History of Nearly Everything" to Puttachi.

I find the way she thinks fascinating. And the things that she thinks! For instance here are some of the things her brain thought up while we were reading about space.

When I told her that the light of the stars takes centuries to reach us:
"Looking at stars is like looking at history with our own eyes."

When talking about the possibility of aliens existing, given that there are so many galaxies and so many stars in each galaxy:
"Everything that we call imaginary is probably there somewhere; you have imagined it because some part of your head knows it is there. But consciously, we do not know it is there. "

We were reading about Pluto, and the text said, ".. with a NASA mission on its way and planning to arrive nearby in July 2015, Pluto won't be forgotten."
Puttachi said, "But July 2015 is now!"
I quietly opened a browser and showed her pics of Pluto taken by New Horizons, and she whispered, wide-eyed, "We are reading about it and it is happening now?"
And then the excitement overwhelmed her and she fell on the bed and thrashed about like a fish out of water. So much fun.


Art said...

Wow.. childhood is such a great phase, everything is so exciting and fascinating.. Truth to be told, when Pluto was declared earlier as not a planet, I felt really bad. Once upon a time I wanted to travel to Pluto

austere said...

Loved her excitement about Pluto... am thrilled wonderous about it too....

Anitha Rao said...

Got this book for my Son.. He is enjoying it. Thank you

Shruthi said...

Art, me too :) Felt bad for Pluto.

Austere, it is lovely sharing her excitement

Anitha Rao, thrilled to hear that :)

- -