Monday, July 27, 2015

A month completed.

- No, homesickness hasn't hit me. Yet.
- I've been driving everywhere with S next to me. I drove on the freeway too. Yay!
- We've been having lots of people over for meals. Making new friends.
- Didn't know a single neighbour until there was a fire alarm in the complex (false alarm). Met my neighbours :)
- Yet to meet the loads of friends and relatives who live in the Bay Area.
- Far too many Indians around. As I said in my FB update recently, "On my morning walk: I hear the strains of MSS' Venkatesha Suprabhata from one house, smell doseys from the second, and hear the hiss of the pressure cooker and smell oggarane from the third. Sometimes I have to blink several times and shake my head vigorously to remind myself where I am."



B Pradeep Nair said...

Yes, little chance we will miss Indian anywhere in the world.

Shruthi said...

Yeah, but that keeps us from getting the authentic local experience.

austere said...

You drove! WOW.
And I repeat that.

- -