Saturday, June 20, 2015

Translating from Hindi to English

Translation is something that many people in my family are experts at, translating freely between  English and Kannada and Hindi and English. My mother even has a Diploma in Translation, and translates from English to Kannada regularly. So, for me, it came about naturally too, I guess.

Last year, I translated a few articles dealing with Work in Education from Hindi into English for the Azim Premji University. T hey have been published in the March issue of their magazine, Learning Curve. It was a difficult job, but very educative and satisfying for me. I only wish they'd credited me for the translations.



Anonymous said...

This is great work. I've always envied translators - it's so nice to have a ear for the lyricism of multiple tongues. Agree that you should have been credited though. :(


austere said...

Creditline a must, maybe errata in the next issue?

- -