Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Articles in Brainwave Magazine

Brainwave is a pretty cool magazine for kids. The articles are fun, the layout catchy, and the illustrations are attractive. And oh, it is quite informative!

I have a piece on the history of the atom in the May issue which is about Atoms, and a piece on what aliens are probably made up of in the June issue, which is about, well, Aliens.

Pick up a copy - chances are that your child will like it.


Gowri advanu said...

Dear shruti...thank you for introducing the magazine to us...it looks really interesting not only for children but also for adults...

I do want to say that I miss your writings...pls do write more often...thanks

Shruthi said...

Hope you enjoy the mag! :)

And yes, I do hope to be regular on my blog!

- -