Sunday, February 08, 2015

In the company of trees.

Yesterday, I spent a beautiful morning in the calming company of trees, thanks to Neralu. We also visited our old haunt, The Park [Link and Link ] which I miss very much (and have no valid reason not to visit it more often.) All the "huge" play instruments and slides, next to which Puttachi used to look tiny but brave--all those slides look so ordinary and non-scary now. Funny. My height hasn't changed, but my perspective has.

Yesterday's connection with nature was perfectly completed with a visit to a friend's house, whose mother has a large vegetable garden. Puttachi helped her dig out carrots and pick some greens, and we came back home laden with fresh produce from the garden, which the lady generously gave us.

Though I've never been too much into gardening, I love the concept of growing one's own vegetables in the backyard. Some day, perhaps.

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