Friday, January 20, 2012

Soldiers and doctors...

I am humming Saare Jahan se Accha.  And as always, Puttachi demands to know the complete history behind every song.  After I finish explaining the meaning,

She: Amma, is this in Hindi?

Me:  No, it's in Urdu.  It is very much like Hindi.

Do people in India speak Urdu?

Yes, many people do.

Do people in other countries also speak Urdu?

Yes, they do.  Pakistan, for instance..

Pakistan?  Never heard of it.

Oh.  It is right next to India.

Really?  Right next to India, meaning it is attached to India?


Then we don't need an aeroplane to go there; can we sit in a car and drive to Pakistan?

Yes, theoretically we can...

Amma, please let's sit in a car and go to Pakistan.

It's not that easy, Puttachi.  It is a different country, you see, we'll need passports, visas.

So let's get passports and visas and go to Pakistan.

It is not so easy, Puttachi.  You see... (sigh) India and Pakistan are not really very good friends.

What do you mean?

They fight with each other.

Are they our enemies? Are they bad?

No, no, no, no, Puttachi.....

Do we also fight with them?

No, no (how do I field this without telling her "you are too young to understand?")

You mean soldiers with guns fight against each other?

(she is fascinated by armies so hoping the questions will move away) Yes.

(in thought for a while.) Amma, how do people become soldiers?

They join the army, where they are taught how to be soldiers.

You mean the army teaches them how to use guns and kill people?

(Talk about putting it in perspective!)  Yes, they teach that too, among other things.

Amma, why didn't you become a soldier?

I wanted to become something else...

Why don't you go and become a soldier now?

Now?  I am too old now.

(Anxious) Are you very old, Amma?

No, Putta, I am not that old.  But I am too old to join the army and become a soldier. 

Can I become a soldier when I grow up?

Yes, you can.

What I mean is, I don't WANT to be a soldier.  I am just asking that if I so wish, I CAN be a soldier.  Can't I?

Yes you can.

But you know, right, Amma, that I want to be a teacher, a mother and a doctor?

Yes I do.

First I will become a teacher.  Then I will get married and have a baby.  When the baby grows up, I will become a doctor.

Puttachi, do you know that you can even become a doctor and join the army?  Then you can treat all those soldiers who have been hurt while fighting.

You mean those who have not died, and have only got hurt?

(How does she know such details? I certainly haven't talked to her about it.)  Yes, those soldiers.

(Thinks for a while.)  Amma, I don't want to be a doctor in the army.  I just want to treat small children who have fever and cold.

Oh, you want to be a paediatrician like your Dr.X?

Yes.  No.  I will be a doctor who knows everything.  I will be a doctor of everything.

And will you open your own hospital?

No, no, I will go to a hospital that is already there, I will call all the doctors, and tell them that I can take care of all the patients, and tell them all to go and join some other hospital.

(Beware, docs of the future.  One-in-all Dr.Puttachi is going to put you out of jobs!)


Suchithra said...

Lovely post... Am laughing all over....
Amazing Child! I love you Puttachi! :)

cherubic_chipmunk said...
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cherubic_chipmunk said...

:-) [Beatific Smile]

You know what, your kid is blessed! She has soooooo much to read about herself when she grows up :)

God bless!

praneshachar said...

oh my god what an amount of Q filled in with logical thoughts kudos to you both Parents of Puttachi. It was lovely to read this one and her desire to be master of doctors. god bless her to realise her dream thanks a ton for the posts shruthi it makes me so happy and day will be very bright after reading such lovely talks penned

Radhika said...


hAAthi said...

Awesome! I loved how the conversation went from Saare Jahaan se Accha to thoughts of Pakistan and war and then to Puttachi being a doctor.

PS: in other news, I meet PeeVee in Bombay this weekend! Was such fun catching up!

shyam said...

Is it a bird...? Is it a plane...? No, it's Superdoc! :)

Aarthi said...

wow what a beautiful conversation...

austere said...

Doc better than that Army thing, I think.

VOC said...

Interesting discussion, amazing!

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