Sunday, August 28, 2011

A mother's nightmare

Puttachi:  Amma, won't it be nice to be able to see in all directions at once?  Not only in front?
Me:  Mmm, yeah.... like eyes in the back of your head?
She: No, if we have only eyes in the back of our head, it will get covered by hair.  So we should have three more heads.  One at the back, one each at the sides.
Me: Hmm, but I can think of one problem with that - you will have to get four heads washed (she hates hairwashes) every time your hair gets dirty!
She: (ignores me) But you can see everywhere!  We can walk backwards without turning our necks!
Me: (intent on being a partypooper)  When you have a cold, you will have to clean four noses.  Every morning and evening, you will have to brush four sets of teeth because you will have four mouths!
She: (eyes lighting up)  Four mouths!  Amma, that will be so much fun!  One mouth can keep talking, and then when it gets tired, the second mouth can start talking, and so on, and by the time the fourth mouth gets tired, the first mouth will not be tired any more and then it can start talking again!  I can talk all the time!
Me: (faints)


Adu said...

hahahahahahaha :) it'd be so fun for me if puttachi had four mouths and never stopped talking :)

austere said...

One smart kid. Seriously. She will go into Robotics, you think?

hAAthi said...

Im amazed how it only keeps getting better. Age and school and general observing mundane life around tends to curb and sandpaper the bright edges of curiosity and imagination. But Puttachi seems to be above it all. Im almost envious of the fun you must have on your hands all the time :)

Hats off to you shruthi!

starry eyed said...

Oh gosh, she's side-splittingly funny!

Arundhati said...


Abhipraya said...

She is sooooo funny :) Love her :)

parijata said...

That was absolutely delightful!

Maitreya J A said...

nice one.. hAAthi here hit upon a very valid point I think.. school and growing up puts a lid on your curiosity and fun in life.. good to know that there is someone so young who will keep your head running and sometimes spinning.. Ha ha.. Enjoy it!

Achu said...

hahahhahaha :D
omg!! that was absolutely awesome.. kids are unbeatable.. :)

Aarthi said...

oh boy!!!

Syrah said...

Your blog is hilarious!

I've been going through it, and I must say Puttachi must be quite a bundle of fun!
I especially loved the 'fan' story :)

Shruthi said...

Thank you all so much! :) Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Adu, groan!! Wait until your little one starts talking and asking questions!

Austere, I wonder too! :)

hAAthi, wow, thanks so much.

bhakta said...

Haha..Liked this one..

i can feel the innocence of the child here..The imagination of the child can never be limited..great Kid!!

Anonymous said...

Rereading your blog after so many years - I am glad you are still going strong! And puttachi is so adorable - she's going to be one helluva smart lady :)

- -