Friday, August 19, 2011


I realized I should do this more often - but today, I just entered my blogname into, and found that this website  has copied this post of mine  word to word, with no credit, of course.  I've written to them to ask them to remove it from the site. Waiting to hear from them.

Suggestions on what else I could do?

Update on 20th.: thank you all for your support! Citrus Heights got back to me and told me they have removed the post, and also notified the blogger who posted it on their site. But that blogger still has that post on her blog
There is no contact info on her blog, and only members are allowed to comment on her blog. What should I do next? Report to google?

Update on 25th:  Since I had no way to contact the plagiarist blogger and resolve this privately, I had to approach Google.  They were very quick, within a few hours, they got the content removed from the page and reported it to me.

The blogger now has a note at the end of that page, in which she calls me a cyber stalker and a bully and accuses me of stealing her content, and plays the martyr, saying she cannot help it if people choose to steal from her!  And this from a person who had copied my content so directly, that she had retained words like "menthya" and "methi" that were in my post, the meanings of which there is not the remotest chance of her knowing!  :) And the only way I could copy her was for me to travel forward in time to  May 4th, read her post, come back to  May 1st and write it all down.  Phew, some people, I tell you!

Anyway, I hope that's the end of that.


Anonymous said...

Uh oh, that's too bad!

I guess you can wait to see if they will acknowledge. From what I've read, apparently social media pressure works! :)


Rajavel said...

did you check this too : !

Abhipraya said...

you should give them a deadline. If they don't remove it then flood their comments section :) social media helps.

austere said...

what nasty people!
yes, flood their site and I shall, too.

Pooja said...

Such copycats! I enjoy reading your blogs. I liked this blog of yours too. Its too bad that they have just copied the whole content..

Anu said...

This line:

Welcome*~... To my incredibly (In)

Sane and chaotic life with all boys! There is never truly a dull moment, they keep me on my toes, bring me laughter, make me cry, and are the biggest blessing I could have asked for. etc"

Also looks like its been copied from somewhere -s ome book I think. I am not too sure - but it certainly rings a bell!

Kavs said...


starry eyed said...

Gosh! How sick. Hope you can figure it out. Glad you partly successful at least, in getting it taken down.

Anonymous said...

Good news for you - her blog is now gone - deleted !

- -