Thursday, February 03, 2011

The waist-high interrogator

There is a new phase to Puttachi's questions, when I thought I'd seen the worst. Now, she wants to know everything about everything.

She wants to know the reason of my every action - and I mean every single tiny unconscious forgettable action. If I run my fingers through my hair, she wants to know why. If I pick a piece of lint off my sweater, she wants to know why. If I twist my lip, she wants to know why. If I blow air through my lips, she wants to know why. You'll think I'm exaggerating, but when I say every single action, I mean every single action. I've never in my life had to account for my actions - now I need to, constantly, for this waist-high interrogator.

A common line of questioning, as we are stepping out of the home: Amma, why did you say Tch? Why had you forgotten the key? Why hadn't you kept it ready? Didn't you know we were going to the park? Amma, why are you wearing socks with these sandals? Why do you want to protect your feet from sand and cold? Why do your feet crack in winter? Show me your cracks? Why don't you look after your feet better? Why don't you apply some cream? Why.....

Sometimes, when I'm brushing her teeth, I've to beg her - can you please stop talking for two seconds and spit out the paste? Please?

Another common line of interrogation:
Me: Hmmm.....hmmmm.. Dil tadap tadap ke kehraha hai aa bhi jaa.. hmm hmmm (Humming while doing something)
She: Amma, what is that song? What are you singing? Sing it loudly, properly? Don't say hmmm... sing it with words? Is this in Hindi? How did you learn it? Did you hear it when you were small? Did your mother teach you? Do we have this song at home? Will you play it for me?
So I dig out a Mukesh collection and play it for her.
She: Which CD is this? Mukesh? Who is Mukesh? Show me the photo on the CD cover? Is this Mukesh? Is he still alive? Why did he die? What is the name of this CD? Has he sung all the songs in this CD? Is this the song you were singing? Now you stop singing. If you sing, I can't hear the real song. You can sing it later. (Listens.) Amma, did you say Mukesh was a man? Then who is this girl singing? Lata Mang-kar? Then why did you say all the songs were sung by Mukesh? Why is Lata Mang-mang helping him sing? Why is this song in Hindi? What does this song mean? Why is he calling the girl to go to him? Are they friends?

I'm afraid to even say that this must be as bad as it gets.


Arundhati said...

LOLed!!! Clever girl :)

starry eyed said...

I LOVED the title of your post! LOLing at Lata Mang-Mang! Reminds me of Div at age 4, she used to say Kangala-Mangala for Koramangala!

Diwakar Sinha said...

lol! what an inquisitive mind! _/\_

Anonymous said...

LOL! Reminds me so much of this post of mine!


Raj said...

They say that this is a genetic trait and is matrilinearly propagated.

PeeVee said...

Hehehe :) I like both the Mang-Mang part and the "helping him sing" part -- that's quite an interesting way of thinking about it :D

Shruthi said...

Arundhati, Diwakar, Peevee, LOL indeed, now that I sit and think about it - but at that point.... phew!

Starry, LOL!! Kangala-Mangala!!

Raj, I'll put you in touch with my mother and my maternal grandmother, both of whom will vouch for the fact that their daughters weren't this bad :D

Rk said...

Then why did you say all the songs were sung by Mukesh? Why is Lata Mang-mang helping him sing? [...]Why is he calling the girl to go to him? Are they friends?

Really why is Lata helping him sing, beats me !!

austere said...

She wants to know so much... smart kid. As if she's trying to compress years of learning.

praneshachar said...

very very cute and an amazing kid one day she will break the records of sorts. Super...............Puttachi.............
Super how u get so much of thoughts
amazing and u hv a wonderful amma who makes us njoy all your notty and clever things sharing is something all will no be capable of doing Kudos to you shruthi and hearty blessings for puttachi god bless u my princess

- -