Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Said Puttachi...

Me: (examining a couple of greys on my head.)
She: Amma, what is that?
Me: Grey hair.
She: Why do you have grey hair?
Me: (laughing) I'm growing old!
She: Oh. But you won't die right now, will you? Die after I become very big. Okay?


She: Amma,until when can I stay with you?
Me: What?
She: Until what age can I live with you and Papa?
Me: Stay as long as you want, Puttachi.
She: Can I stay until I am fourteen years old?
Me: I recommend you stay longer, mari.. :)
She: Okay I will live with you till I am fifteen years old. Then I will go to college and get married, and when I have a baby, I will call you up and tell you whether I have got twins or not.


Revati Upadhya said...

i hope she always retains her innocence and the ability to dream :)

snippetsnscribbles said...


R said...


This is just so cute!

I like your Puttachi posts the best!

Abhipraya said...


Radhika said...


Prashanth M said...

Priceless!! and btw can you please ask her whether she'll invite me for her marriage?? :)

starry eyed said...

Get ready to baby-sit those twins :P

So I gather her imaginary friend has gone on holiday?

yesh said...

so cute :)

Kavs said...

ouch! tell her not to grow up so fast!

PeeVee said...

:D :D :D

Anonymous said...

:D, somany things hv registerd in her little head- Bharathi

praneshachar said...

LOL cant stop laughing how these things will come children are keen observers they closely follow the conversations wonderful of you shruthi to share such lovely things hats off to you and ofcourse to puttachi

Rk said...

so cute...i come back to this blog to read about puttachi...i have stopped reading blogs these days..

Eya Si Mawar Merah said...

very funny
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Bubble Catcher said...

LOL! So are you all set to the grandmother of twins? :)

Shruthi said...

hAAthi: Ghee and shakkar in your mouth :D

Raam Pyari, wait, where have I heard that before? :)

Prashanth M, from what she said, I'm wondering whether she'll invite ME for her wedding! :O

Starry, aaargh, she can look after them herself :O No, her imaginary friend is very much here :)

Kavs, sigh....

Rk, that's a big compliment! (To Puttachi)

Bubblecatcher, grandmother yes, babysitter no. :)

Veena Shivanna said...

Too Too Cute. I am seeing how your were when you were young. She is a keen observant and picks up from your conversations. Just a guess. I wonder what happens when she starts reading your blog. I love to see PuTTachi commenting on your blog specially the old posts. Few days later, I will hear PuTTachi talking about love Vs arranged marriage:-)

- -