Monday, October 27, 2008

What to do when you don't know where to start

What do you do when lots of things are happening, and you have so much to write about but don't know where to start? Take up tags.

The first one, by Emma.

My earliest memory: These.

Ten years ago: I was studying in the first year of engineering college (or had the second year begun?) - and I was troubled with life's great problems like not having completed writing the practical record, and wondering how I could eat an entire chapati and visit the toilet and get back in the ten minute break. I was making great friends, laughing at strange teachers, and, as I was to realize later, having a very good time. Was that ten years ago, really??

My first thought in the morning: It's cold - I hope Puttachi hasn't kicked off her blanket.

If you built a time capsule, what would it contain: Lots of food, lots of books, a laptop with internet connection - that is, if I have to go alone. If I can take somebody along, I'll add to this, Puttachi, her things, and something to sleep on.

This year
- has been great. Very different. Some of the sweetest times with a sweet little child. I have started working from home in a field that I always wanted to work in, but never had the courage to make the switch. Am making some major changes in my life - which I will talk about shortly. And there are some more happy moments yet to come. A unique year.

14 years from now: Why 14? Why not 5, or 10, or 20? Anyway, 14 years from now, I will be exactly as old as my beloved aunt - and I hope I will be as young, graceful and enthusiastic as her!

Now, for the second tag: By Sachin.

7 things I abhor.

There was a time when I abhorred a lot of things. So much so, that I had made an entire list

At this point of times, these are the things I abhor.

1) Reality shows on TV - especially dance shows for children. And especially those that eliminate kids dramatically and bring tears.
2) Saas-bahu shows on TV
3) Public urination
4) Parents who scold their tiny tots very rudely, and spank them unnecessarily - I hear things like "Saayisbidthini! (I will kill you)", "You are an utterly useless boy", and worse things - said with such rage and venom that it frightens me. I feel like gathering up the child in my arms and give him/her a reassuring hug.
5) Child murderers, child rapists, paedophiles, and the kind. Before I had a child, I would just shudder at news like this and leave it at that. Now, it chills me to the bone. And I cannot even imagine a punishment great enough for those criminals.
6) Terrorists
7) People who do not care about animals and the environment.

A very happy Deepavali to the rest of you!


Sachin said...

Wishing you, S & Puttachi a very Happy Deepavali and a great year to follow!

This has been a great year for me as well but more for later! Take care.

PH said...

A post after a longtime, its a delight to read your blogs.

Takecare and happy Deepavali

Manasa said...

You stated about parents scolding their kids.. What about those grown up kids who ill-treat their aged parents ?

Venkit said...

Hi Shruti,

Nice blog. I went thru all the links in the posting. On public urination I am guessing that more folks are guilty than they would like to admit. I have "talked" to a tree or a wall a few times myself - usually only when there was no other alternative. Don't be surprised - this happens in the US as well. I have seen people leave their cars in lengthy traffic jams and disappear off the side of the road for a while.

PS : One of my pet peeves is people surfing the internet while at work - so I am going to sign off from your blog for today and get back to work :-) Thanks

Vinesh said...

nice blog you have here :)

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

I was exactly like you 10 years ago ... infact, give me the same group of friends and I might still be the same.
I really really want to know the switch in career you made. (I have been wanting to switch but never seem to have the courage) I hope it is something creative ... actually it could be opening a day care too ....because you seem to be good with kids :)

avionic spanker said...

Excellent blog you have here. I have been through many of your posts. Really enjoyed them.

Gotta agree with all 7 points, especially points 4 and 5.

- -