Monday, July 02, 2007

The Gift of Life

When I was expecting the Little One, there were some mornings when I would open the newspaper, only to see news of terror, intolerance, bureacracy, hypocrisy, perversion and pure stupidity. A sudden wave of fear would wash over me. What on earth am I doing, bringing a baby into this big, bad, polluted world? Why am I compelling another human being to live in this black hole?

A talk with my aunt revealed that she occasionally felt the same way when she had been expecting her son. In fact, I found that we were not alone in harbouring these thoughts. I even heard of a couple who decided not to have children because they didn't think that the world was good enough to bring a new person into.

But I am not that much of a pessimist. My optimism usually would return very quickly, and I would think - the earth is after all, a magnificent place. There are so many things to do, so many beautiful places to see, and so many wonderful things to.. err.. eat. Life is waiting to be Lived.

Yes,there have been moments of teenage frustration when I have shouted out loud, "I wish I had never been born!" But I must say that I am really thankful for the gift of life.

And it is this very same gift of life that we are giving another individual, someone I hope will make much better use of the gift than I have done so far.

I have nothing to fear. We just have to teach the Little One to enjoy the joys that Life has to offer, and at the same time, equip her to deal with the darker side.

We have work to do.


Srik said...

Very thoughtful post!

And now, I have work to do, let me get back :P

Dhanya said...

What a wonderful way of looking at life.. Nice one Shruthi :)

Anonymous said...

Obviously life has 2 faces, one dark and one bright...

Good final conclusion though!.


Anonymous said...

Good that your pessimism is only short lived! Wonderful usual!


Raj said...

Lovely thoughts. All you need to do, Shruthi, is to be your natural, radiant self - and I am sure your Little One will grow up to be a Great Girl.

Viky said...

Wish you could lend others the rose coloured glasses you wear...

chitra said...


Even i was panicked, worried during my pregnancy. Anyhow, now he is 11 years and is adopting to the real world which has grey shades .

He will earn the lessons by tripping and yes, he has the confidence that we would lift him up when ever he is pushed wrongly and at the same time is aware that we would not support him when he pushes someone.

Anonymous said...

dear shruthi, I share your optimism :)

Anonymous said...

cliched but true, Life is beautiful ! btw 've u thought of a name for her.

drifter-musings said...

People who choose not to have children for such reasons are pure escapists – those who scurry for the nearest escape route. The fact that you are courageous enough to rear a child in “the big bad world” reflects your commitment to make it a better place to live. It is always comforting to find people who believe that all is not lost ;)

praneshachar said...

we have to face the difficulties and come up with opt solutions we can not run away from the battlefield.
little A is very fortunate as she has a amma who is thinking so much and a prof. so she will learn how to live life and also she will become tindipothi as you have made up your mind so do well prepare her as long she is able to hear you both all the best and nice post and nice thoughts


Shruthi said...

Srik, you really have work to do? How come most of my posts have your comment as one of the first? ;) :)

Dhanya, Mohan, SV, Pranesh, thank you!

Raj, big words! Am honoured.. thank you :)

Viky, I wish I could, too - people would have been much happier.

Chitra, nice way to put it - gives me confidence :)

Sanjay, am glad :) All the best!

Maverick, yes :)

Drifter-musings, so well said.. and it makes me feel good about myself ;)

- -