Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bond Forever

Bond... the one with the license to write. Ruskin Bond. Here is an example of why I adore the writer! - Way We Are in today's Sunday Herald (Sunday supplement of Deccan Herald).

Unfortunately, our stage manager had forgotten to put any tea in the pot, and poor Guttoo looked terribly put out as he went from cup to cup, pouring invisible tea. “Damn. What happened to the tea?” muttered Guttoo, a line which was not in the script. “Never mind,” said Gita, playing opposite him and keeping her cool. “I prefer my milk without tea,” and proceeded to pour herself a cup milk.

After this, everyone began to fluff their lines and our prompter had a busy time. Unfortunately he’d helped himself to a couple of rums at the bar, so that, whenever one of the actors faltered, he’d call out the correct words in a stentorian voice which could be heard all over the hall. Soon there was more prompting than acting, and the audience began joining in with dialogue of their own.

Do read it for a good laugh!

An old post on the day I met Ruskin Bond


Anil P said...

Also the reason why I absolutely enjoy reading him.

I happened to 'meet' him for a brief moment in Mumbai a couple of years ago.

He brings to life the everyday, and it is in the everyday that one can relate to him most strongly.

anoop said...

I have not read him, but this piece of writing was hilarious.

Viky said...

Rocking...Bond in prose and Ezekiel in poetry... they rock like anything...

BTW, Job'ful' again ;)

Unknown said...


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