Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The making of a foodie

I am a person who thinks that food is one of the best things in life. Of course, you already know that. But just this morning, I got wondering about what makes a foodie, well, a foodie.

In my case, it involved having a mother who is not only a great cook, but also the kind who is not afraid to experiment. While growing up, we were never bombarded with the same dishes time and again. She always thought of a way to make food different and interesting. She never stuck to the rules of "Ok, this vegetable can traditionally be made into two types of dishes, so I will make one of those". She is the kind who improvises, who mixes and matches, and out of experience and an innate instinct, is able to turn out a dish probably never made before, but delicious all the same. So naturally, I always had something exciting to look forward to at mealtimes.

It also involved having a father who is not fussy, doesn't demand that such and such an item just has to be present in each meal, and who is never averse to mom's experimenting. He in fact, made the right appreciative gestures during meals and my mom was accordingly encouraged. Besides, being brought up in the north, he was accustomed to North Indian dishes, and my mom learnt them all very quickly after marriage, and so North Indian cuisine was a regular part of our food, along with the usual South Indian. Also, my parents' short stint in Germany probably got them started on continental food too - and after that there was no stopping them.

But of course, in spite of two food-oriented parents (politely expressed?), it isn't necessary that the children turn out to be foodies. My little sis P, for example, though she enjoys her food, is not much of a foodie. Not like me, who dreams of food all the time, and wakes up in the middle of the night craving some obscure dish.

One more thing. My advice to all you single people out there. When choosing your partner, do go in for someone with similar food tastes (if you care enough about food, that is!) I have seen some ill-matched couples, one of them itching to try out exotic cuisine, the other sticking religiously to Anna-Saaru. It is quite a painful sight.

I am very fortunate in that S is as good a foodie as I am, perhaps a level or two higher. Now my aim is to make sure that the Little One is appropriately introduced to the joys of fine dining. I know, I know, long time to go, but what's wrong in planning?

So are you a foodie, and what do you think made you one?


chitra said...

I am not a fododie, nor i like cooking.

But, somehow, my son has become a foodie, and makes me experiment cooking. It is for him, I cooked pao-bhaji, samosa, tikki, etc. So, I really think if the parents are not a good cook, even then the children wd become foodie. and he is adventurous when it comes to trying cusine. He will order only those that he can not even pronounce.

Altoid said...

Hey Shruthi

I am certainly a foodie and definitely amma had a hugggggggge hand in making me one! She, too, like you say, never shirked from experimenting, she was an awesome cook and managed to dish out superb fare day after day, meal after meal. Ergo, my interest in eating/checking out good food, different cuisines and experimenting. I love to cook as well.

(QED) :D


PS : BTW, there's no chance Lil Shruthi wouldnt turn out to be a foodie either!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a foodie and glad to know Im not the only one who thinks about food from the time I wake up in the morning :). My dad is a foodie, an excellent cook and loves experimenting (within his boundary - no bellulli, no garam masala, no cauliflower!!)Wheras Mum is neither a foodie nor she enjoys cooking (though she is a very good cook)

Julie said...

My greatest wish in life is to have enough money to eat my way across the globe and never gain any weight...yes, I am a Foodie.

Anonymous said...

It reminds me of my beloved mother. She used to mix and match things to make the food very very tasty. I used to call her the 'mix-master'. Reading blogs makes me nostalgic and brings back lot of memories. Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

Being a huge foodie myself,I think being introduced to it at home is how I got it! Infact, I have memories of how every "outing" meant packing a huge picnic basket before stepping out of the house,be it an evening at the KRS dam with cousins,aunts and uncles, or an overnight train journey!
Now when we plan a trip here, my first instinct is to pack a picnic!

Srik said...

I am not a foodie, i.e. I dont crave for some specific thing, in some season. But I enjoy whatever I eat, howmuch ever I eat.
My mom, does a lot of experiments with her cooking as well. Keeps trying different combinations too, and yet, makes it tasty! An art that is specifically gifted to Mothers i think.

I am offered any thing, I will eat it, but with contension too. That is, if, it is at least minimally tasty ;)

Unknown said...

My foodie instincts have been nurtured by seems she craved for varities of food when she was expecting me, and that has come as a birth trait to me.....and being the wonderful cook she is, no wonder I am a foodie, and am also now getting good experience in cooking, myself.

wanderlust said...

definitely a foodie. and my grandmother was the person. how i used to wait for the summer holidays.
now, trying desperately to lose weight, i satisfy myself looking at all the glossy pictures in my collection of cookery books (sigh!!)
love your blog, by the way.

Chitra said...

Aaaf caaarse baaLe ele ooTa :D !!

Shruthi said...

Chitra, so cute! I'm sure you will gradually convert ;) A foodie in the family is contagious!

Altoid, aha, a kindred soul! :)

SV, aha, I am so glad that I am not alone too!

Julie, what a lovely wish! When you set out, I'll go with you! :)

s, n, glad you liked it!

Vidya, I lovveeee picnic baskets too! The contents are specially tasty!

Srik, oh yeah, same here!

Vani, ohhooo I didn't know this, so when will you invite us over for lunch?

Wanderlust, ditto!! I salivate over glossy cookbooks too :) and thanks!

Chitra, of couuurssee!!

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmm....i too am a foodie and my mother and all my sisters arre excellent cooks but the only sad part is none of them like experimenting and shruthi i too crave for food in the mid of the night nd im happy to know tat im not the only one...

- -