Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Sound of Music

The little one is a darling. So far, she has been very cooperative - crying only when she is hungry, wet, uncomfortable, or when she is too sleepy and can't get herself to calm down enough to go to sleep.

Quietening her down is very simple in the first two cases. The third can be difficult, but once you nail what is bothering her, it is ok. The fourth case can be very tricky. Initially I tried singing lullabies to her. But singing a lullaby at a volume a couple of decibels higher than her crying volume is not very easy. I end up sounding like a hard rock lead singer. And it has no effect on her at all.

Now we have a solution. Discovered accidentally, as such brilliant solutions always are. Whenever she cries, and I ensure that she is not hungry or wet or uncomfortable, all we do is switch on the Electronic Tamboori (Tanpura).

The soothing drone of that blessed machine almost acts like a tranquilizer gun. The little one's cries stop as if a sound system has been abruptly turned off. Her big black eyes open wide and focus on some obscure point in space. Her flailing arms and legs stop in mid air. Slowly, very slowly, her arms and legs come down to ground level. Her tiny fingers unclench slowly, and she intertwines her fingers and places her hands elegantly on her chest. Her nostrils flare ever so slightly. Her eyebrows arch just that little bit. A miniscule frown appears on her forehead. Her mouth forms this cute little "O" and her upper lip juts out. She relaxes completely and just seems to listen indefinitely.

She just stays like that until a valid crying reason comes up, or until she falls asleep.

I just hope this fascination for that sound is not just a passing fad and I fervently hope that this solution does not stop working.

Besides, I like to think that this is an indication that she is a musical baby! Hurrah!

Yes, I know that in no way is an Electronic Tamboori comparable to the sound of a real well-tuned Tamboori. We have not one, but two "real" Tambooris too. But we don't have anybody who will drop everything and sit and play the Tamboori endlessly for the benefit of her little royal highness. So the Electronic Tamboori it is.


anoop said...

The effect of Tanpura's sound on her might have these two effects:

what you want - you imbibe in her a instinctive musical sense and before long she will be singing the sa-pa-Sa with utter ease.

what you don't want - she dozing off whenever she hears the Tanpura, even at her musical classes. :)

Prashanth M said...

thats a brilliant idea... I can very well imagine the whole scene :)

lol @ anoop's comments...

Anonymous said...

Thats so nice to hear! Goes to say that 'Music appeals to all!'

Infact even my niece used to do that. Ever since she was about 15-20 days old, when my father used to take her to his music classes, she used to be very attentive and silent through out.

But now that she is one and a half year old, if we try and make her to sing or to listen to music, she runs away saying 'bela... bela...' (for beda). Her latest fad though,
is dancing infront of the tv!


final_transit said...

yea kids are funny indeed. Anoop's analysis is perfect!

Manasi said...

you are one female girl! I still can't understand/believe how you manage to blog even now, so soon!

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

LOL @ Anoop's comment.

And I'm surprised that you manage to blog even these days! May your joys never end!

Anonymous said...

Hain? A musical child or a child who gets superemly bored of tanpura and would rather sleep than bear it :P hehehe :) - either way it works.

Have you tried... umm different musical instruments, just to check if music itself appeals to her.. or umm... as anoop says, it just bores the crap out of her :D


Anonymous said...

Shruti, please post some pics.. She sounds like an absolute darling!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh Shru, I want to hold her ! Now!

Shark said...

lol on anoops comments :)

Shruti.. time for some pics..:)

Anonymous said...

a wonderful description, shruthi. sounds sooooooooooo cute. wish she becomes a musical baby ! :)

but from anoop's comments,...... better think twice before you switch on the tanpura next ;)

Viky said...

Anoop takes the cake!!!!

Wonderful observation - ROTFLing imagining her making an O and dozing off to sleep!!!!

In that case she'll need another song for her little friends who accompany her to the music lessons - "Wake me up, before you go go"

Viky said...

Which prompts me to suggest - try a CD of Congo Drums!!!!

Anonymous said...

BRILLIANT post... and I SOOO wanna see my little niece!! :(

--- P

Anonymous said...

Loved reading the 'baby' posts. Hope I get to see her soon.


8&20 said...

can't believe you're online already. i thought it'd be weeks or months before you got back to blogging! :)

Anonymous said...

It reminded me those kids who has the ability to identify the ragas at the very young age, they say its all about these environment around and also their ability to grasp.. so who knows your kid may be one of those genius ones!!
And you can try out some other instruments if she gets bored with just those 3 notes!
Tamboori sound maatra super bidi!

Anonymous said...

and if you want to make her cry, try buddhist monk chants ;-)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Srik said...

I know, as you rested, you were learning music from your mom. That has induced a kind of musical feeling in her, like an Abhimanyu (?)... probably!!
I wish another MS is in the making :-)

Anoop, you have analysed it well dude ;)

Anonymous said...

Shruthi, don't worry.. being a parent means being innovative, when the "tampura effect" wears off, you'll find something else :-)

Anonymous said...

Shruthi, good to see your back..and thanks for a glimpse into that magical world! :)

Prasoon said...

Well Shruthi, am loving these posts.
And you're doing a great thing by documenting it all - your joys, her moments. Am imagining how nice she'd feel when one day she'll read all this and then our comments too :)

Time for some pics seriously :)

Chitra said...

All people born on the 23rd are musical ;-) !

Anonymous said...

Hullo Shruthi. I am sure you remember me!!!. Hereafter I will keep in touch with your blog and also add my own comments!!!

Unknown said...

they are so tender! Gotta handle them with extreme care!

Enjoy yo experiences! You'll never enjoy sucha happiness anytime!

Usha said...

Wonderful to see you enjoying your baby so much already. And that description was so vivid I could almost picture it before my eyes.
All the best once again to you and your little bundle of joy.

Anonymous said...

You've been tagged, Shruthi! :)


Cuckoo said...

So sweeet :) Of course she'll be musically inclined, like she has a choice with two-two tamburas around!

Shruthi said...

Anoop, ROFL!! I sincerely hope its not boredom :D

Prashanth M, Final Transit, Vidya, Veena, Mysorean , :)

Chaitanya, that sounds adorable! And "oh no!" about her running away :O

Manasi, when the baby is asleep, of course! :)

Sudipta, David, Sandesh, Usha, thank you!

Supremus, heh heh.. enough experiments conducted... she really likes music! *gives thankful smile*

Vani, come on over!

Shark, will consider it :)

Bru, noooo not you too.. don't scare me!

Viky, ROFL!!

P, very soon, dearie, patience :)

8&20, can't resist writing about her!!

Anon at 11 59, not a bad idea at all! some of them are very soothing!

Srik, ha ha, yup!

Vijay, yes, I am discovering that!

Sachin, glad you like it :)

Prasoon, thank you :) Hope she'll enjoy them ;)

Chitra, ahem!

Sudheendra, of course I remember you, thank you :)

Ano, thanks! About doing it... welll... lets see :O

Cuckoo, heh heh...hope you are right!

- -