Friday, May 26, 2017


Puttachi turned 10 on 23rd. Yes, TEN. Double digits.

This growing up. It is delightful and terrifying, joyous and heartbreaking -- all at the same time.

To all the readers who've been with me since the beginning of the journey with Puttachi, and those who joined along the way - thank you. I would have noted and documented whatever I did anyway, whether anybody was reading it or not. But the fact that people were enjoying it, appreciating it, and drawing strength from it -- it made my attempts even more meaningful.

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Reflections said...

Happy 10th to Puttachi!! God bless her.. I come to your blog on and off and Puttachi posts are my favorites :) I was definitely drawing inspiration from her & you Shruthi! Kepp writing about her


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