Friday, January 16, 2015

A five-minute break

Puttachi is talking non-stop and I need a break.
Me: Puttachi, Can you be quiet for as long as I drink my tea?
She: Sure!
Me: Thank you. (I sit down with my cuppa.)
30 secs later.
She: Amma, when you asked me to be quiet, you just meant that I shouldn't talk to you, right? I can make noise while playing, can't I?
Me: Yeah, yeah, right.
30 secs later.
She: But if there is an emergency, I can talk to you, right?
Me: Of course, we've already discussed that.
1 min later, she comes to me, and hugs me and kisses me.
I don't say anything, and that encourages her. She starts gesturing to me, whispering, "See, I'm not talking, I'm just making signs."
I sign back by putting my finger on my lips, and she subsides.
1 min later, she peeps into my cup.
She: You have just two more sips to go! I can talk to you after that!
She watches as I down the last of my tea.
She: Yay! You finished! I can talk to you now!
So much for a peaceful cup of tea.


Anonymous said...

Really funny, good one, even my little one does that bak bak bak all the time

austere said...

One hell of a smart kid.

- -