Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Puttachi stuff.

Puttachi was asked by her English teacher to write a few lines about her mother. Mother's name, what she likes to do, what she does for Puttachi, and what Puttachi does for her.  This was what she wrote. 

Oh yes I melted!

On our way to school, we pass a beautiful Indian Almond Tree (Badami kayi mara)   It had very long branches, and it covered the entire road.  We had seen its broad, lovely leaves turn a striking red, fall off and cover the ground with a thick carpet.  We saw the new green leaves sprout.  And now, the foliage had thickened, and the shade under the tree was particularly inviting. 

Just yesterday, on the way back, Puttachi had declared that it was her most favourite tree in the world, and that she would like to spread a mattress underneath it and go to sleep.

So, this morning, on our way to school, it was a shock for us to see that one of the tree's branches had snapped and fallen off, crushing a car underneath it, and blocking the whole road. And more importantly, for Puttachi, the sky was visible where there had been a canopy.  Horrors.  The dam burst and her tears flowed.  "The tree is not dead, Puttachi, the branches were probably too heavy for the tree, that's all," I said, but she wouldn't listen.  "My tree, my tree's shade!"  she cried, and she went to school with a tear-stained face.  Sigh!


Anonymous said...

:) I feel the elated when my 1yr 10month old daughter holds my cheeks and says 'Amma, I luv u'. and pats and hugs me. The feeling is great and cannot be described in words.
Hope she too writes about me similarly in the years to come.. :)


hAAthi said...

This is the stuff that gives me hope :)

Hugs to puttachi.

Gowri said...

what she wrote about you is lovely...

but really aiyyooo for the tree and puttachi...something similar happened with my 3.5 year old..she left her toy dog in the school yesterday and at night she was really upset that the dog will be hungry, alone and scared...she kept reassuring herself that the watchman uncle of the school will feed it and take care of it...

Radhika said...

Hmmm. paapa Puttachi. May be it's time to tell her about various trees and how they put up with wind, rain, which trees suit the Bangalore weather etc.

PeeVee said...

ayyooo!! :)

Anonymous said...

Puttachi is too sweet to be writing that.
It is really nice that she acknowledges your love at this age:)..
Feels good.:)..I feel its an honour to any proud mother

- -