Monday, June 25, 2012

This and that

If you read my blog on a feedreader, you might have noticed a few posts that speak about Puttachi who is definitely younger than she is now.  I was just going through my drafts and deleted some.  I found a few which had some things I didn't want to forget, and so I published them.

And if you are wondering why the sudden prolific blogging, Puttachi goes to school full time now, and so I have some solid time for myself.  :)


rajk said...

Yay! to you on having "solid" time for yourself.

Wanderer said...

Thats terrific. Now we can read more posts from you.
BTW any idea how I can subscribe for your feeds coz I use wordpress and not blogger. I followed you through google friend connect just now.

Radhika said...

Shruthi, more posts for us then. Would love to read. By the way, even I want to know how to subscribe to your posts.

Shruthi said...

RajK, yay indeed!! :)

Wanderer, Radhika, I use Google Reader for following the blogs I like. I am sure there are many other good feedreaders out there. Just enter the url of the blog in these feedreaders, and you will be subscribed to the blog.

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