Monday, December 12, 2011

My tech-savvy Ajji

I am a big fan of my Ajji.  A volleyball player in college, and a BA graduate in those days, she even has a published book to her credit ( a translation from English to Kannada.)  So she's always been that little bit ahead of everybody else.

And now, at 84, she has got herself an iPad, and she surfs and emails.  It is lovely to get her mails. And yes, she reads my blog too.


Brinda said...

Your tech savvy ajji has two published books for her credit! And you know that she is going to be 85 in just 18 days ! :)
Your ajji's proud daughter :)

Sushma U N said...

Is Ajji on Facebook? :D
And as Tata's biggest fan, I'm highly offended at the partiality towards Ajji in the post :D :D

austere said...

This is so impressive!

AlwaysHappyKya said...

Hat's off t your Ajji.

Now, we know where those writing genes in you originated from :)

Shruthi said...

Amma, two? I didn't know :)

Sushma, give her a few days, and you'll see her FB profile ;)
And Tata already has quite a few pages dedicated to him on my blog. So it was time for Ajji to take the spotlight. Besides, by the look of it, Tata's having nothing to do with the iPad ;)

Austere, I think so too!

AlwaysHappyKya, that is not the only source of my writing gene. I am practically swimming in writing genes ;)

Radhika said...

Great to know her interest to keep pace with new gadgets!

An old timer who shut her blog said...

Does Ajji blog too? I'm sure she would if you set her up an account. Pls do so we can also read her :)
Mother, daughter and grand-daughter are all literary enthusiasts. I'm mighty pleased.

Anonymous said...

Super Like! :)


Viky said...


praneshachar said...

wow its amazing super GGD GD D and Super Super Ajji namsskaragalu to both ajji and tata

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