Thursday, November 24, 2011

A feature on me in The Hindu (Metroplus Weekend)

I'm in The Hindu! 

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Here are the links to the entire feature:


Also, because this feature gives an incorrect impression about me, please read My Disclaimer on this Feature.


Anonymous said...

Thrilled to see this Shruti! So happy for you. I hope this is just the beginning, with lots more accolades recognition and happy writing coming your way :)

Anamika said...

I choked on my coffee in the morning when I read this. As soon as I saw your name (of course, I didn't recognize your face), I was yelling 'oh, I read her blog!'

Congrats on the new book!

Phalguni A.V said...

Congratulations Shruthi!!I am your junior EEE from RVCE 2001...( apologies if i have mistaken you for someone else..)
and have been following your blog for a little while now..its been a joy reading puttacchi's stories and your writing .. wishing you many more such accolades..! - Phalguni

rajk said...

Congratulations Shruthi, and good luck for more success and happiness in the days to come!
You are an inspiration, truly.

Yesh said...

Congrats Shruthi, have been a avid reader of your blogs for years and i am happy for you that you have got your due credit via the mainstream media. Keep going, all the best.

An old timer who shut her blog said...

WOWOWOWOWOWOW cant tell you how excited I am. Wanna go home and read this. I dont prefer online papers :)
I'm so damn proud to have been reading you.
Way to go Shruti :) Very happy for you.

Rajavel said...


Shruthi said...

haathitime, thank you :)

Anamika, ha ha! :) The story will probably be published along with the other prize-winning entries.

Phalguni, hi! I apologize, but I don't remember you, but yeah, I did graduate in 2000. Thank you! :)

Rajk, wow, thanks.

Yesh, Old timer, Rajavel, thank you!

parijata said...

Congratulations! Great to see this!

Anu said...

Congratulations Shruthi! May this just be the beginning to many more accolades that come your way! :)

An old timer who shut her blog said...

I went home read the article and almost screamed at my hubby with excitement that I read your blog. He wore the expression of, what do you mean? Not a blog person really :P
BTW you've said that you want to be regular on blog from now on. Meaning we will get to read more here. When r u starting? ;)

Anonymous said...

hearty congrats !
i have been a regular reader.

Raj said...

Congrats,Shruthi. That's a wonderful write-up.

But,what's the big deal? We discovered your skills long before The Hindu did.

Raj said...

And, if I may add, you look lovely in that photo.

Shruthi said...

Parijata, Anu, Raghava, thank you!

Old timer, oh please don't believe everything in the feature. Please see my next post. :)

Raj, I am touched. And thank you for the compliment :)

LifeStyle said...

Congrats. hope to see more writing from you.

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