Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The most momentous developments ever?

I often marvel at the number of changes my grandparents, who were born in the twenties, have seen in their lifetimes.   I'm always keen to know what they feel about all these developments, and how it has affected them.

When I''d been to Mysore a while ago, I asked my grandmother what she felt was the most important, ground-breaking invention/discovery/development that has either affected her personally, or not..

Without batting an eyelid, she said, "The mixer-grinder."

I put the question to my grandfather, and after a moment's thought, he said, "Geo-stationary satellites."

I think this is a very interesting exercise - I urge you to ask this of the elders around you, and beseech you to share the answers with me!


Anu said...

I remember reading somewhere that a woman asked her grandmother this question, expecting to hear that the refrigerator was what changed her life most but instead got the answer, "running water in the house." - something the granddaughter had taken for granted all her life

Manish'sMom said...

My grandfather told me many years ago that flipping a switch and watching light flood the room was the best thing he had ever seen.

Raj said...


Another question you can ask them is "what did their grandparents tell them about their childhood in the 1850s or so".

In India, we have very poor recorded history. Grandparents can provide fascinating insights.

A 60 year old grandma said...

TV serials - the best invention ever!

Anonymous said...

My grandma said washing machine and LPG :)


Sanjay M said...

hmm missing my grandparents all 4 of them are gone... I can't think of any other substitutes for the time being, now that I think of it, I'm strangely not in touch with even a single person from that generation! Hmm....

Anyway, recalling a somewhat related memorable conversation I had with my grandpa: explaining to him what I did in my job :)

Vinay S said...


Last Friday (Was very much bored and searching some stuff in Google) got an oppurtunity (I call this oppurtunity because i felt it is worth after reading it) to read some of your blogs and could not stop myself form reading the others(can say majority i.e about Puttachi, Mysore, Bangalore, Kannada, Grand father etc). Some were really good and few made me emotional.

I didn't have the habit of reading blogs. But after reading some of yours, i am really regretting for my habit.

Anonymous said...

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Shruthi said...

Anumausi, I remember you telling me this!

Manish's Mom, wow :)

Raj, I think that's interesting. I should do an interview next time I am in Mysore!

60-year-old grandma, I'm sure many people will agree with you :)

Rashmi, :)) Thanks!

Sanjay, have you blogged that conversation? Should be interesting!

Vinay, thank you so much! Glad you liked it.

Anon, hope you're all feeling better now!

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