Sunday, November 07, 2010

The UK Files - Windsor

Another amiable spring day took us to Windsor. The castle stood fine and regal, but we'd already decided we didn't want to go in to see how the royals live.

We walked through the town and to the Long Walk. People were out in great numbers, and I did a fair amount of people watching. Families intent on having a good time. Couples walking hand in hand. People lolling upon the grass. Teenaged girls dressed like 25-year-olds. A couple sunning a baby so small that it seemed like she'd been born that morning.

The trees that line the entire length of the Walk are horse chestnuts - and when in full bloom, they apparently look white and beautiful.
But now they were just deciding to go green. They were lovely anyway.

We played frisbee on the lawns, and then walked quite a bit.

I would've liked to walk up to the Copper Horse on Snow Hill, right at the end of the path, but we didn't have the time for that. Some day....


anoop said...

oh you didn't take the boat ride!?
there is also an option of hiring your own 4 person motor boat, its another thing that it goes quite slow, nevertheless fun!

quite nice pics! i will have to dig up the photos i took in the archives.

Sachin Thakkar said...

I am also a tech blog writer Can we exchange links between our blogs.

sandhya said...

Windsor was actually a hop-skip-and-jump for us, but went there only once. We did see the inside of the castle, and found them quite opulent but decadent. What impressed me more, both here and at the Buckingham palace was the absolute stillness with which a person in a police/soldier's uniform with that huge hat can stand.

hAAthi said...

once again, gorgeous pictures!

praneshachar said...

photographs are just tempting to go there nice coverage and liked the decision not to go how royals lived yes its right why we should worry on that. nature seems to be wonderful and time appears perfect thank u sooooooooo much for sharing all this with us here

- -