Monday, March 08, 2010

The Great Blog Silence

Why, do you ask? Blame it on my sis Peevee. She had come down to India on a vacation, and it hardly makes sense to spend what little time I had, at the laptop, blogging or emailing. (That explains my silence on email too, for those of you who are wondering.)

We had a great time. Ever since she's left for the US, she's come back only thrice. The first time, Puttachi was too young and demanded a lot of my attention, and so, I couldn't spend quality time with Peevee. The second time, not only was the vacation short, but she had come to get married! And you know how crazy that time can be. So this time, we made up for lost time.

For Puttachi, Peevee was perhaps like an apparition come out of an album, or from the phone. She declared to Peevee within hours of her arrival,"I like you." Her reaction to Peevee ranged from lukewarm to passionate through the duration of her stay. Was it wholly satisfactory? That is for Peevee to say.

Peevee lived her own childhood fantasy by bringing Puttachi a Gingerbread House. We had fun building and decorating it, and Puttachi grandly stuck the jaw-breakers and gum-drops and felt very proud of it. It wasn't too tasty, though!

We also visited Mysore during this time, and had, as usual, a marvellous time. The best part for me was that during the entire duration of Peevee's visit, Puttachi kind of fended for herself, playing with everybody, no fuss, no crying, just being a happy-chappie. Many times, someone else took on the responsibilities of feeding her and putting her to bed, so I had a much-needed break.

Even when, sometimes, mealtimes and bedtimes went awry due to other activities, Puttachi handled it so well, sometimes living on, apparently, just air, love and laughter.

This time, I could get to know Peevee's husband D better. Thank goodness for that. How terrible is it not to know your sister's husband? S~ and D seemed to be laughing up their sleeves at us sisters, and we were wondering how it is that these two very different men had some striking similarities - unique, unheard-of characteristics that both men seem to possess!

Here's more to good times!


PeeVee said...

yay! i'm the first to comment! i really miss the little one, and she was quite co-operative during the latter part of my stay. so, to answer your question, i'm quite happy :)

Adu said...

:) glad that D is getting along with the family :P

8&20 said...


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