Thursday, May 07, 2009

Five Things I love about being a mother.

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1) I have gained a healthy respect and admiration for myself. I didn't know I was capable of so much love and tenderness, patience and forbearance, strength and magnanimity, tolerance and fortitude - you get the drift. Besides, I have met a new me. The un-lazy, determined, multitasking person I am now is a far cry from what I was. Even if I say so myself, I have become a better person.

2) I have discovered the value of our lives. My life, my child's life, S~'s life, the lives of everybody around me. I am not sure how this happened, and why, but it did. This may not exactly a good thing - it has made me more nervous and anxious than I used to be. But I'll still take it as a good thing - I at least make an attempt to live a full life.

3) Motherhood makes one see everything like a miracle. Conception, birth, growth of a child - each is a huge miracle in itself. And when you look at the world through your child's eyes - each day is a miracle, each thing is wonderful, each occurence is fascinating. You rediscover childhood, you rediscover life, you see everything in a new light - everything is different, everything is brighter. Life itself is more joyful.

4) I have seen the people I love in a new and much better light.
My mother - I know that I was not a very easy child - stubborn, lazy, and yes, rude too. Yet, I can count on my fingers the number of times my mother has lost her temper with me. With all her work, even with the kind of suffering she was undergoing, the fact that she has always been gentle and patient and understanding with us, and the fact that she has always been there for us, at any time of the nychthemeron, and has sustained that kind of love and patience for 30 years - that is incredible. I cannot even begin to fathom the kind of sacrifices she has made for us - and with a steely determination, has seen us through all the ups and downs of life - I am in awe of her. I really don't think I would have been as good a mother had I been in the situation that she was in. I credit motherhood for making me see all these things so clearly.
And not forgetting my father - I know that though his direct involvement in our upbringing has been considerably less than that of my mother, the fact that he has always been around, patient, rock-like, strong and unshakeable - I realize now how important that has been, and how difficult it is, too.
S~ - I have rediscovered the man I married. He is a fabulous father, and is incredibly supportive. I have seen an entirely new side of him after Puttachi was born - and that has exceeded my wildest imaginations. Parenthood has taken our relationship to a different level altogether.

5) I love the love that exists between my child and me. It is pure, complete, unconditional, exuberant, joyous, full of trust and just so perfect. It makes my heart soar just to think about it. Sometimes, Puttachi leaves whatever she is doing, comes to me, places a small palm on my cheek, and says, "This is Amma. This is Puttachi's Amma. This is MY Amma (patting her chest)." And then she as quickly goes back to her work. This, for me, encompasses everything that motherhood means.

Ok, now I am getting all teary-eyed. Passing on tags takes too much time - I'll come back to it later - or if you like it (believe me, you will), please take up the tag!


Jaanamari's appa said...

Hmm every now and then I feel that this has to be my favorite post and you out-do yourself, like this one. This one seems to show why this post says: Whenever a woman becomes a mother, the circle is complete.It may not yet be Mother's Day but I cannot resist saying already Hats off to your open minded and open hearted attitude towards parenting! (There is so much inspiration in your parenting posts that every day I read it is Mother's Day :) )

novice nowise said...

Wow Shru ! So beautiful!No wonder you are a writer. You have spoken my feelings which i could not put in words. This inability probably is because we grew up in a time/generation which generally did not appreciate expression of our innermost feelings; love in particular-of any type.Or should i say atmosphere? because there were soulful writers always.

Abhipraya said...

This is very inspiring Shruthi :)

PeeVee said...

Bad post! How come I don't figure anywhere amongst your loved ones! Hmmpf! :(

R said...

Shru, I think this is one of your THE most beautiful post :)
I enjoy your blog a lot and this post has taken it to a different level. Keep it up :)

ravi said...
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Ravi Lobo said...

I have book marked your blog. Some days, in the after noon, when I feel very dull – I take printout of your posts. And read them in the cafeteria. They are very refreshing. Keep writing.

Shruthi said...

Lovely post..
Happy Mother's day in advance, Shruthi
and happy Mother's day to everyone here who is a mother :D

Mama-Mia said...


even i got taery eyed! :)



praneshachar said...

wonderful even though it is tag answered five things narrated have voulmes to tgell readers right from self sdmiratins, discoerly of values of life,miracle,tribute to mother who has shown how u r to be a mohter in all adverse situation and the how the life partner has raised to meet challenge after parenthood wow nowords to express i loved the each sentence and enjoyed the tag to the maximum kudos to u all family members

Anonymous said...

oh my God...i just love ur the way u think..feel..cant hold my tears back..i need to be a mother soon...


8&20 said...

I second PeeVee's response :P

[Although I think it is perfectly beautiful, myself :)]

M S Raghunandan said...

very well written as usual

Kanupriya said...

Hmmm very touching. U know I've many friends who tell me that their whole outlook towards their parents changed once they became parents themselves. Hmmm m yet to experience the same :-)

- -