Monday, March 16, 2009

A morning walk with a difference.

I took one of the Bangalore Walks on Saturday - The Traditional Bengaluru one.

Taking a guided tour in a new city is a beautiful experience, yes. It is a journey of discovery and learning. But to take a guided tour of your own city? That is nothing less than enthralling. It is like being taken around your own backyard, and being pointed out treasures you never knew existed.

I will not give away the secrets I learned about Bangalore. I suggest you go discover them yourself. But all that I seemed to keep doing was say, "Really? X played a part in the design of Bangalore's sanitation? Wow!" "Oh, I've passed this place a dozen times - I had no idea it was so unique." "Man! Such a historical spot, right next door to me!"

I felt pretty much the same way while I read "Bangalore through the Centuries" by M.Fazlul Hasan, but this was first-hand experience, and that made it much better.

It helped that our guide, Savita, is very obviously passionate about Bangalore and its history, and some of the things she said gave me an idea of just how much research and planning has gone into the development of this park. A wonderful effort.

It doesn't matter if you are new to Bangalore, or have lived in Bangalore all your life. I suggest that you go take one of these walks. It is well-worth the time.


Poppins said...

Have always wanted to do one of these, methinks I'll do one soon. I can see myself enjoying just what you did.

Arun said...

Am curious about "Bangalore through the Centuries". Is it a good book to read on the history of Bangalore? What timeline does it cover? Informative? Is it easily available in bookshops in town? Will be great if you can post a review of the book. Thanks.

Anamika said...

I have lived half of my life in Bangalore and still want to do this.

Second person wanting to know about the book. Please post a review.

Anonymous said...

Never knew such a thing existed. A bangalorean at heart, I will definitely do it when I am back there next time....Thanks for this feedback.

praneshachar said...

looks to be a great experinence shruthi more detailed post is needed your post should take us around the full walk not to steal the customers but to get a feel of what shruthi felt as she writes best
great to know about these walks it is news to me I am hearing this for first time thanks for sharing

Radhika said...

Have heard lot of good things about this bangalorewalk. In fact I've been planning to go for their greenwalk for almost an year. Have to make it this summer.

Mama - Mia said...

sounds very very interesting!

leme start cleaning those walking shoes! :D



Sanjay M said...

I knew about this long ago and have even referred it to some foreigners now you've motivated me to go for it myself finally :) hopefully will make it this saturday morning.

Now can you score full marks in this quiz ;)

Shruthi said...

Poppins, let me know when you do it nad how it was!

Arun, absolutely - it is a wonderful book to read. No idea about its availability, though.

Anamika, I read this book ages ago, too late to write a review. But yes, you should really read it if you are interested in Bangalore and its history.

Anon, hope you enjoy it.

Pranesh Sir, thanks!

Radhika, do let me know if you liked it.

Abha, :D

Sanjay, oh you really should. I am sure you wil like it.

krity said...

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Maya said...

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