Friday, December 12, 2008

The new park, Puttachi and me.

The apartment we have recently moved into is located just opposite a terrific park, a very old one, and a very large one at that. It is full of mighty old trees, broad walking paths, huge grounds, and old vintage buildings. [No, it is neither Lalbagh nor Cubbon Park]

They do have a kids' area, but the play instruments are old and not very well-maintained. They will do, though. I guess I am just comparing it to the play area in the previous park I used to take Puttachi, which was so good that people travelled 5-6 kilometers to bring their kids to that park.

But the charm of this park lies in its trees and its walkways, its people and its birds. In its "ancientness". In its magnificence.

Parktime with Puttachi previously consisted of just taking her to the park, letting her play on the rides, and coaxing a small walk out of her, and then bringing her back. But in this park, it is different. It is as much as a pleasure for me as it is for her.

The moment we get inside the park, she spots the swing and the slides and we do the mandatory exercise of her playing on it. But very soon, she gets waylaid by a stone, a dog, a bird, and she is off, running along the walkways. She finds something interesting at each corner, and there is so much to explore. I just let her be, and follow her around, making sure not to hover about her, but being close enough to ensure that she is safe. It is so lovely to watch her. She picks up stones, leaves, shows them to me with delight. She spots a dog and runs after it. She finds a particularly huge tree and looks up at it wonderingly. She talks to everybody who talks to her, and even calls out to people who walk by without talking to her.

5 30 pm seems like 7 00 pm because of the thick canopy of trees in the park, and it gets cold very soon because of the number of trees. Though it is warm when we set out, I make sure to have put Puttachi in warm clothes, or else I carry along something extra.

When dusk approaches, the chirping of the birds becomes deafening. Birds fly all over the place from one tree to another, and Puttachi looks up excitedly at the sky full of birds. She jumps about with pleasure, follows the flight of the birds across the sky until she almost loses balance.

For me, just taking a walk in this beautiful park gives me a feeling of joy, of peace, of tranquility. Watching Puttachi enjoy herself is a bonus. Running along the walkways like the wind, pointing out things to me, listening to my explanation of this and that, collecting pebbles and putting them into her pocket to go home and show her dad - every little thing that pleases her amplifies itself and pleases me that much more.

When S~ joins us, I let down my guard, depending on S~ to look after Puttachi. I walk about at my own pace, enjoying the park in my way. Anyway you see it, the park is a pleasure.

The best part is that by the time Puttachi gets back, she is hungry enough to wolf down her food, and tired enough to go to bed without a fuss. And as for me? I don't know if it is the oxygen, or it is the green of the trees, or it is just the park itself, but I am thoroughtly rejuvenated.

Before we moved in here, I used to pass by this park and look at these apartments and think how lovely it must be to stay so close to it. I cannot believe that I am actually living a dream.


Anonymous said...

You're very lucky :) I hope to see that park and Puttachi soooon....

Nithin said...

Either it is MN Krishnarao park or the bugle rock...

Somewhere in the periphery of Basavangudi...!!

They are the best lesser known parks in Bangalore

Vidya said...

Wow! You painted a picture with your words, now I am imagining a park with long walking trails and tree canopies! Please post a picture if possible..

anoop said...


Anonymous said...

I read this post early this morning and have come back again cause this is eating me alive. You paint such a great picture of this park and not knowing what it is called is driving me up the wall. I've lived in Bangalore all my life and am going through the list of parks in my head. Very tiring way to start a weekend, I tell you.

I remember an older post which also caused a similar reaction in me. I appreciate the fact that you can't let on too much personal information on a public blog, but this is sheer torture!

praneshachar said...

lovely post. puttachi is very lucky she is getting such a good atmoshphere in the present namma bengalooru which is full of concrete. in this concrete jungle if you finf a place like this it is heaven.
very few get opportunities to cpnver their dreams into reality. you are one lucky shruthi.enjoy motherfood and let her be independant and enjoy to the core before she getts into school jhamela

James said...

Well congratulations then for waking up daily from one dream and getting to live in another :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, found you through lively! It was amazing reading about this park! And your little one! :) I wonder where this park is, It seems like a description of KrishnaRao park!
And isn't it really lovely to be amidst nature, it's no surprise you're feeling so fresh everyday! :)

Sachin said...

Lucky you! You've lived in Mumbai long enough to know the dearth of such places here and also the difficulties of getting to some rare such places that do exist!

Hope you're doing well. Take care. Love to Puttachi and regards to S.

Btw, the word verification I'm being asked to enter for this comment is "peeiven", so very much like Peevee that I guess its my way of congratulating her! :)

Dhanya said...

As Vidya rightly puts it, you have indeed done a beautiful painting using your words.. How I wish I could see this park and if possible meet you n the little one there..

~nm said...

The park sounds so wonderful. And as everyone has said, probably it sounds much nicer to us than it is because of how your described it and rather filled wit with your emotions and feelings.

Also, as you said "she is hungry enough to wolf down her food, and tired enough to go to bed without a fuss." - what more do we parents want, That they eat well adn sleep well :)

Anonymous said...

Used to visit here a long time back. Always enjoyed it. Today is the second time in a week or so.

Beautiful way with words, you have. No gimmickry, no hulabaloo. But effective & beautiful.

One day when you get (or choose to get) published, do us all a favour - and tell us who you are?! Please?! Only so we can revel in naming a writer we enjoy.

If you want (so generous of me!) you can then go on and start a new blog, and experiment with a slightly different style. And preserve your new anonymity there.

And its got to be MNK Park.

Signed - Anonymous

Shruthi said...

Shyam, I can't wait either :)

Nithin, you know your Bangalore!

Vidya, I will. I have been planning to carry along a camera, but somehow hasn't worked out. Soon.

Anoop, :)

Manasa, you poor girl :) Do read the rest of the comments, perhaps you will get an idea :)

Praneshachar, well, I hope that school will not shut out her enthusiasm!

Beemer, :D

Niveditha, thanks, yes, it is absolutely lovely :)

Sachin, oh yeah... I did write a post on the problem of finding a park to take a walk in Mumbai!
And thanks :)

Dhanya, it is definitely possible!

~nm: Actually, the park is really beautiful. :)

Anon, I'm blown away by your compliments! But hey, I am hardly anonymous. Shruthi is my real name :D

Mama - Mia said...

woweee! i find all parks in bangalore so beautiful and well maintained! and if this one is nicer it must be something!

what fun for three of you!



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