Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A visit to the Doc.

So it was time for another round of shots for Puttachi, and I called the doctor to fix an appointment. The receptionist said she would call me back. A couple of hours later, she called, and I answered. But there was some confusion at her end, with probably another call coming in at just that moment, and my call was left unattended for a while. But I didn't know all this yet. This was what happened from my point of view.

Phone Rings
Me: Hello?
A faint female voice: .....Dr.X's clinic.
Me: Yes?
She: What did you say the problem was?
Me: Problem? No problem. My daughter is due for some shots, that's all.
She: Oh, does she have any loose motions?
Me: What? Loose motions? No, no, nothing is wrong with her - she just needs to be vaccinated.
She: Oh, how long has she had fever?
Me: Fever? Are you not able to hear me? NO FEVER! VACCINATION! INOCULATION! MMR! VARICELLA!!
She: Have you given her anything for the fever?
Me: Ohhhh.... look, I'll call you back, okay?
She: I'll call you back. Please give me your number.
Me: But you just called me.... oh well, my number is so-and-so.
She: Ok, thank you, ma'am.
Just as I was about to hang up, the line crackled, and the same voice spoke in my ear, loud and clear.
She: Hello?
Me: Hello?
She: Sorry to keep you waiting, ma'am. Are you Puttachi's mother?
Enlightenment dawns on me, at last.
Me: Ahh!.. Heh heh.. (sheepish).. yes, yes..
She: Can you come at 5 30 today ma'am?
Me: Heh heh... heh heh.... heh heh... oh, yes, yes.
She: Thank you ma'am.
Me: Heh heh...
I collapse on the floor, laughing helplessly, delighting Puttachi who promptly collapses on top of me.

Next scene: Evening. We are on the way to the clinic. Puttachi, despite being so friendly and cheerful with everybody all the time, is known to scream horrendously at the very sight of the doctor. So I am trying to prepare her.
Me: Puttachi, we are going to the doctor!
Puttachi catches sight of a dog.
Puttachi: Bow bow!
Me: Ah yes, bow bow, nice black dog. Now listen, we are going to the doc..
Puttachi: Bow bow bow bow!
Me: Yes yes bow bow... the doc is a very nice man..
Puttachi: Bow bow bow bow...
Me: He will examine you..... like this.. like this....
Puttachi: Bow bow!!
Me: Ok, ok, bow bow, bow bow tata... now listen.. he will give you two tiny shots...
Puttachi: Auto! Car! Light!
Me: Here, on your thigh... like this... tiny shots....
Puttachi: (Starts singing and dancing) 'Appy know! ("If you're happy and you know it")
Sigh. So much for trying to prepare her!

When we arrived at the clinic, she was her usual cheerful self, smiling at everybody, playing on the slide in the waiting room, looking at the fish, playing with the wind chimes, calling kids twice her size "paapa" (baby). Then we entered the ante-room where the doc's assistant spoke to her and took some notes. We then told her..
Me: Puttachi, we will go inside to see the doc now.
S~: Will you smile and say "Hi" to him?
Puttachi, already fidgety and uneasy, waves and says a small "Hi".
Me: Not to us, to the doc!
Just then, we are asked to enter. Puttachi walks in with a smile, and a wave, and a cheery "Hi!"
Doc: Ah, what a pleasure to see Puttachi smiling for a change!
But Puttachi is already clinging to my clothes.
Her length and weight are measured, and she starts her bawling. I pick her up, comfort her, showing her the toys in the room, while the doctor surreptitiously examines her. Meanwhile the assistant prepares the shots. Her bawling continues unabated.
"Aache! Aache!" (Outside), she says, pointing to the door.
Me: Yes, yes, just after two tiny shots....
The shots are ready, and are administered to her. But she is already bawling so much, that I don't think she even feels the pain.
I pick her up again, hold her close, rub her back, and carry her out of the doc's chamber into the waiting room - she points to the door, saying "Aache". I take her out into the compound, she points to the gate saying "Aache"... I take her out of the gate into the road, where, fortunately, a blessed dog saunters by, resulting in a complete mood change.

And that's the story of the visit to the doc.


kusublakki said...

Hi Shruthi!

Thats a lovely post. I must say that Puttachi's behavior at the doc's is exactly the same as my nieces. I probably would've been conditioned to bawling too if they poked me each time I went it there.
Anyways I hope I get to meet puttachi when we come to B'lore next month! She sounds really adorable from your posts.

Madhu said...

That is so cute! Well not the shots part of it though. I just cant wait for A to meet Puttachi, everytime I read something about her its like flashback to 6 months ago :) I just cant believe they are so alike! :)

Chitra said...

He he he he !! It's all about instinctive behaviour :P!

Sumana said...

So how is she doing after the shots? With our little guy even a diaper change is done with a challenged bawling session.

Mama - Mia said...


why do i feel our docs are the same!! :)

Cubby still has been smiling at the docs!! i mean he is so cheerful when we go that the doc doubts he was ever unwell! hehe!

Puttachi is so totally adorable!! hugs to her!!



Swaram said...

Came across ur blog today! Love to Puttachi for what she is and also to you for having presented it so well

Kadalabal said...

just amazing as usual all points so minutely covred u r gifted and I fell very happy to read such a lovely narration. cross talks on phone wonderful and what a intelligent girl princess puttachi is she is diverting ur attention alwyas when u take doc. name good one and really enjoyed a good day to begin have a good day one and all

Srik said...

What a classy narration! I felt really happy reading it. Reminded of RKN some paragraphs :-)

Great to see Puttachi growing so adorably. She is a wonderful kid. All good wishes to her....forever, from, Srik mama!

HOBO said...


Yamuna said...

really liked the 'paapa' bit. Almost all the kids do this and every single time, its so funny!!

neerja said...

Hello Puttachi...Bow Bow :)

Hey shruthi,
No doubt a child has a tendency to wake up a child in everyone who's around him. God Bless you both.

travel plaza said...

Ah! I remember those visits to the doc when my sons were about Puttachi's age. My older son, especially would start bawling when we turned the corner and the doc's office came in sight:))

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Shruthi, can you please take a look here and post something on October 2? Please spread the word as well and encourage people to post?

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