Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Beetle in the Park

Have you ever seen such a beautiful beetle? It shone with such a lovely greenish-gold glow!

My cousin V found it in the park in front of my parents' home, when my father and V took Puttachi there for a walk.

Oh, have I told you the story of this park? It belongs to the Housing Society of which my father is a member. For years and years, it languished, full of overgrown bushes and trees, and filled with snakes and other animals. It was also a site for illegal and dirty activities. Very often, there were threats of it being taken over for private use by unauthorised people. My father and other members worked long and hard to protect the park, and very recently, the park was finally marked for development. The bushes were cleared, and a walking path and a couple of shelters have already been built.

What a relief! The best part is that it is right across my parents' home. As for this beetle, it was found wandering alone on the side of the walking path.

Disclaimer: No animals were hurt during the preparation of this post and the clicking of the photo. The aforementioned beetle was safely let go in a bush in my mother's garden.
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Mama - Mia said...

had a laugh at the disclaimer!!

that beetle is indeed beautiful!! :) and am so glad to hear a park is saved rather than have given way to another concrete structure! where would all the beetles go, otherwise?! :)

hats off to your dad!!



Dhanya said...

Yeh she indeed is a beauty. I also have her cousin here :

Anonymous said...

On a related note, do read Dr. Seuss' Fox in Socks (if you haven't already). You will read about battling tweetle beetles, and get your tongue all nice and twisted! :D


Sachin said...

Wow!!! And imagine, most people would not have even noticed it in real life!! It so tiny that it usually escapes the naked eye!

This is why I love to watch shows on Nat Geo and Discovery! And now I get my fill on Hallucinations as well!! :)

rajk said...

Beautiful picture!
Congratulations and many many thanks to your dad for doing something so worthwhile.
And V's there? So is A, I guess! Have fun all!

- -