Sunday, April 20, 2008

You know summer is here......


- 6 am looks and feels like 7 am.
- You automatically wake up at 6 am and don't feel even the slightest urge to curl up under the covers and go back to sleep for "just five more minutes".
- You cringe to even touch blankets and sweaters, even if it is to pack them away.
- The hot water knob is turned way down during your bath, and the cold water knob is turned all the way through.
- You tilt the coconut oil container and the hitherto solid coconut oil flows down in rivulets and soils half the room.
- Even the mere mention of hot soup, or tea or coffee is enough to make you grimace
- The fan stops being just a ceiling adornment.
- You stop complaining about high a/c at office.
- Peaceful afternoons are now interrupted with screaming children enjoying their summer holidays.
- Summer afternoons make you drowsy and you fall asleep even if you don't want to, and then you wake up with a bad taste in the mouth, and you feel unimaginably grouchy.
- You automatically reach for thin, cotton, sleeveless clothes when you open the cupboard.
- You find that water disappears mysteriously from your waterbottles and jugs.
- .. and yet, you nearly forget what your toilet looks like.
- The slightest fragrance of jasmine transports you twenty years back in time to summer holidays in Mysore.
- Household chores involving the use of water don't really seem that bad any longer.
- Any time is ice cream time.
- You are always feeling irritated and tempers are running high everywhere.

I could write more but I am feeling too hot to type. Maybe you can help me. The comments section is waiting!


anoop said...

I liked...
"- You find that water disappears mysteriously from your water bottles and jugs.
- .. and yet, you nearly forget what your toilet looks like."

seriously speaking where is all that water going, do we really sweat it out... hard to believe!

Wunderyearz said...

You know summer is here when ......
- You never feel lazy for even a hundred bath a day
- You just hate the sight of rich spicy food instead look out for fruit bowls or cool fresh fruit juice
-Wish you were a toddler and run around the house just wearing a nappy ;-)
- Scream out loud if the power is off for even 2 mins
Oh! so many more thoughts that are just flodding my mind but typing it is making me sweat like crazy...
Phew!!!!!! I hate summers :-((

Serendipity said...

You lose weight shru!! i did !! u hate anything solid and cringe at the thought of 3PM coffee even though you're a self confessed coffee addict! And yes , just today I woke up at 630 thinking I'd be frightfully late for work, also , you carefully maneuver your two wheeler to perch underneath a helpful tree although the signal is 300 mts away!

Lively said...

How true! Agree with Seren. I'm hating even the sight of spicy and hot sambhar and rasam. I dont know how I'll survive the summer without eating anything solid.

Kadalabal said...

summer 2008 appears to be severe.
you look for majjige & lemonjuice to quest your thirst. (popular summer options) all juice corners are full and roaring business for icecream parlours. watermelons are welcome and
you must be cautious on eating outside in summer (particularly chats where water is used like pani puri)
for children who can not speak it is a night mare and hope puttachi is not affected much
walking in hot sun is punishment and we have to do it daiy to go for lunch just feel like skipping lunch
can't so eat curdrice and have two glasses of butter milk and again you have to walk back in hot sun to your place. come under tree shade it looks you are in heaven( we feel this is heaven) how many times you wash your face with water you will not worry but water from taps deny you cold water it pours out hot water in hot time on a hot day
really a tough time but u have to work we envy all those who are having summer holidays!!!! that what we can do at the best. I feel summer holidays planned for school and colleges have lot of meaning in it.
good points and keep writing shruthi

shilpa said...

Cool refreshing watermelon and mango make summer beautiful to me :)

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Oh there are better ways of knowing that the summer is here. All the nice juicy fruits come up in the market, 30 minute walks at noon make your nose dry and tingly, nimbu-paani at the roadside becomes a favourite haunt, etc. Nice post, though! :)

Anonymous said...

The way you compile things is awesome.

One addition ..
In summer i loose appetite

- Anitha

Sushma said...

Akka!! This is something I can relate to!! VERY VERY WELL!!

snippetsnscribbles said...

No Puttachi updates-a? :-( Its been so long-u...

ManojVasanth said...

I don't believe when nbangalore is experiencing such a spicy summer!!. Whom to blame??After all how much are we worried about it!

RK said...

You know summer is here when you read a post titled "You know summer is here......" ;)


Lively said...

@manojvasanth, I was thinking on the same lines. If Bangalore, the air conditioned city experiences such heat, then something is definitely wrong. And yes, the reason is us.

- -