Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A long, long tag.

A very self-indulgent tag, courtesy I Love Lucy.

Read at your own risk.

Ten things you wish you could say to people right now (don't list names):

1. Please stay put for just half an hour longer.
2. Call me!
3. I miss you :(
4. Keep in touch, dude!
5. &%$& (&$@# %$#!@#!!!!!
6. Stop wasting time, silly! Just go ahead and do it!
7. I appreciate your concern but I am doing what I think is right.
8. We really should meet more often.
9. I should have made it easier for you.
10. I love you!

Nine Things About Yourself:

I've written a lot about myself in many previous tags - I can't think of anything new to hold your interest - so I pass this :D If you want to know about me, I direct you to the Tags page.

Eight Ways To Win Your Heart:

1. Smile a genuine smile.
2. Talk a bit, and let me talk a bit.
3. Be frank, not rude.
4. Respect my feelings.
5. Listen to me.
6. Offer a shoulder whenever I need it.
7. Make me laugh.
8. Give me my privacy.

Seven Things That Cross Your Mind A Lot:

1. What shall I feed Puttachi next?
2. Where shall we go today?
3. What will x/y/z be doing now?
4. When will Puttachi go to sleep?
5. When will I see x/y/z again?
6. When will I be able to do what I want to do?
7. What if...?

Six Things You Wish You Never Did:

1. Try to be someone I am not.
2. Enter the software industry.
3. Try to please people.
4. Let people's comments affect me.
5. Read novels too much, instead of going out more.
6. Be rude or indifferent to my loved ones.

Five Turn-Offs:

1. Foul language
2. Body odour and bad breath.
3. Crowding me (both physically and emotionally)
4. Roving eyes.
5. Chauvinism.

Four Turn-Ons

1. An honest smile.
2. Sparkling eyes.
3. Warmth
4. Approachability.

Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die

1. Travel a lot.
2. Run a marathon.
3. Write a book.

Two Smileys that Describe You

1. ;)
2. :D

One Confession

I am disorganized.

There, I have bared my heart like I have never done before :D


rajk said...

Hey, I would like to run/walk a marathon too! I'm not much of a "runner" but I can walk...I want to do it soon...Let's hope we both can do it soon enough..
Nice one..

Manasa said...

I, too, wish I never did--"Six Things You Wish You Never Did"


Well nice way to put things ,very interesting post indeed

Kadalabal said...

Tag has been addressed to perfection and the end comment indicates your frankness and your committment

Collection Of Stars said...

Your 'Six Things You Wish You Never Did' could be describing me :)
I am with you on each and every one of those points :)

Poppins said...

You know what, I'm just catching up on some of these posts of yours and I have to say we're quite similar! Or atleast our tastes are.

So when are we meeting?

- -