Monday, August 07, 2006

A tag in which I reveal my innermost secrets.

So, I have been tagged yet again, by the irrepressible and talented Ano [Check out her bloap (blog soap)]. So here goes!

I’m thinking about:
Food. Nothing new.

I said:
"I'm the greatest", but nobody believed me.

I want to:
Go around the world.

I wish:
I could just wave my hand, and set everything right in the world. Well, almost everything, otherwise, life would be boring, huh?

I hear:
Voices in my head.

I wonder:
What it is that makes people intolerant of people who are not like them.

I regret:
Nothing. No use wasting time thinking about the past.

I am:
Eternally hungry.

I dance:
With joy. But only with all doors and windows shut.

I sing:
Well. Ok, I can sing well, but I don't sing much nowadays. Pssst...I have taken the first step towards setting that right.

I cry:
Buckets when I’m emotional - too happy, too sad, too angry, too helpless....

I’m not always:

I make with my hands:
The most delectable, soft, perfect, fully-blown Phulkas. Or so they say. [Modesty takes over.]

I write:
Coz I love to. Coz I cannot not write.

I confuse:
People ;)

I need:
Lots of love, lots of food, lots of music, lots of books, lots of friends, and lots of solitude.

And finally:
I tag, mmm... let me see... hmmm.. a different set this time - Anu, Bhargav, Srikanth, Bellur, Shastri.

Oh, and about the "innermost secrets" in the heading? That was just to get you to read this post! ;)


Usha said...

mhm..........why do i sense a kindred spirit here - love of people, music,books, friends and music!

Viky said...

I didnot know there was a limit on words.

Anonymous said...

Oh you cant tag an Anon how much ever you want to right?!!
Nice list there :)

rk said...

hi shruthi,
really donno what to do when someone taags you! thanks helbeko illa hedarkobeko gottagtilla.....
plz tell me what do i do?
anyway, thanks for tagging me. College mein 'Ragging', blog mein 'Tagging'! ;)

Shruthi said...

Usha: Wowww that's good to know! I guess we have a lot of discussing to do! ;)

Viky: Ha ha haaaa!! And I cannot believe it - Verbose Viky left only a one-line comment? Just coz the post is short, it does not mean that the comment should be short too!

Anon: Sigh! So true - the next time I get tagged, I will tag all you Anons - and make you fulfil the tag in the comments section - so there!!

RK: You can get scared if you want ;)
Yenilla - you just copy my post, retain the words in bold, and delete the rest, and put in your own responses and post it on your blog. At the end, you "Tag" five people - it just means that they have to make the same list. That's it!
Of course, you are completely free to ignore the Tag too! :)

rk said...

thanks for clearing my doubt, professor! certainly won't ignore it. as ravi belagere says, PLEASE GIVE ME TIME!

Viky said...

That's because I was disappointed with those bisyllablic answers.

anoop said...

I was very clear after reading the heading, the purpose of it. reason, I knew that you are not stupid enough to write any posts with that heading :o

about being perennially hungry, even Im like that. Thinking of getting myself checked for stomach worms or something ;). But, im like this only in this country, hmmmm...

Shruthi said...

RK: Ha ha! Take your time, there are no deadlines!

Viky: Ah, that's because I am a woman of few words! ;)

Anoop: Heh heh... Soooo do I take that as a compliment? ;) I guess I just will!
Oh you too? Somehow even after I eat my fill, I feel hungry within an hour or so. (Unless I gorge on a wedding feast - then I don't feel hungry for 3 whole hours!!)

rk said...


Assignment complete.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely


Viky said...

Few words? Who? What? Where???

*Looks left and right*

Shruthi said...

RK: Well done, full marks to you! ;)

Viky: I am not talking about you! :O

Viky said...

Yaake bandbuDi...

Bombay Addict said...

Shruthi - where do I despatch the prize to ? Do mail me. Thanks.

Shruthi said...

Viky: Huh? Artha aaglilla!

Bombay Addict: Will mail you soon. Thanks a ton! :)

Viky said...

All the best congratulations from my side...I readed your bad english entree. I aware of modern English but your entree was well done with no miss takes.

It remembered myself of a second artical about a cow and her fore legs and back legs. But that artical having lot off spelling miss takes. It also have pulling and streeling miss takes, but that an other mind, an other matter.

I the very happy and over the joyed on your win. Please by the "How to better the write English" with your price wochar.

Viky said...

Ayyayyo...Hogli biDi, tale keDskobeDi...

Shruthi said...

Viky: :))))) Mannnn you should have participated too - you would have probably won hands down :D
pulling and streeling -- good touch :D

Viky said...

Too bad you didn't even let me know about it. Grrr.

Who knows, may be on purpose... *evil grin*

rk said...

deer aal
plees we aal kangraju late shruthi far be coming succes fully the wonner of 'Bad Englis Contes'.
far tunately, i no comp eat in that. other wise you no result no?

Srik said...

I donno what Viky is talking about!!

You the woman of few words, I've followed ur dictations...! Please check them.

And... ALso, let us know about the prize and the spelling 'miss takes'!!

Supremus said...

Interesting answers. Phluffy phulkaas - now u got me hungry girl!


Viky said...

Srik, Sorry for diverting the topic, but I could not resist congratulating her.

There was a Bad English Contest on Bombay Addict's blog, the details of which you will find at

Now our lady here contributed an article chappar enough to win the first prize. And won Crossword vouchers worth Rs.500 in the process.

You read she's artical. If possible, read she's ventrical also. Myself don't knows about the later, but the farmer is super too say the lessest. Myself now lets she's artical does the talking.

N said...

I hear:
Voices in my head???

no wonder u r deaf to what i said? OVER DUE PIZZZAAAA??? where is it?

jhantu said...

Nice blog and nice bit of the "really trashu english" piece I saw in some other blog.

Will drop in more often

Shruthi said...

Viky: Artical-ventrical!! ROFL!!! Ohhh MANNN..... I will willingly give up my prize to you :))))))
About this contest... I thought it was common news - India Uncut, Desipundit - they all had info about it!

RK: Why, why, why do you want to make me late??

Suyog: Welcome any time for a dinner of phulkas and dal ;)

N: Ohhhoooo every weekend you run off to some friend's place... when shall I make it for you? What should I do after making the pizza? Keep it on my head? :D

Jhantu: Welcome to my blog! And thank you! :)

rk said...

Certainly don't want to make u late, specially after reading the article "It’s the time to be on time!" was just a break up of CONGRATULATE!

N said...

hmm tht sounds good! u can keep it on ur head but do nt give me the same pizza :)

Shruthi said...

RK: Yeah of course, I know that! But at first read, I read it as late Shruthi - so swalpa yochane aaythu! :)

N: Yeah yeah and after that don't say I didn't give you any pizza!

Viky said...

Oh!!! Such benevolence!!! Thanks, but no thanks. I wont take a prize for a no-show.

And what is this on-the-head pizza and phulka going on? You throwing free treat to your readers for winning the title? Me coming. You waiting till then.

Shruthi said...

Viky: Ok, Phulkas for you too as a prize for your bad english ;)

travel plaza said...

Great list Shruti...have to go read your entry in bombay addict's blog....

Shruthi said...

Travel Plaza: Thank you :) About that entry, *blush* is all I can say! :)

- -