Monday, April 03, 2006

Part 2 - but not quite!

Oops! When I wrote the previous post, I never intended to write part-2 of that episode! Yes, looking back, I seem to have ended the post on a suspense-filled note, and it tickled the curiosity of many of you! Some of you thought that my husband was one of the characters that figured in the post, but I clarified that, no, he was nowhere in the picture.

There are some things which I would like to keep private, more like the "no-comments" policy of the glitterati. :) Of course, I am not a glitteratus [is that a word? ;)] and my story is not top secret either, but at the same time, I would prefer not to blog about it!

But since, inadvertently, I built up expectations and made you all so curious, I will just put it this way. It is just that my invalidity [Is that a word? If not, I am coining it now. It’s a convenient word :)] led to some situations and circumstances which ultimately led to my marriage. It should suffice to say that had I not been confined to one place, things might not have turned out the way they have.

I apologize for the anti-climax :( but then, that's about it!


Full2 Faltu said...


Hawa nikal di saare intezar ki!

Anyways its your decision and we have to respect it. But let me say it and i hope others might agree

ITS NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!


Shruthi said...

Full2 faltu: I would have said the same in your place :D

Raj said...

Disappointing, indeed!

But its okay, I guess :)

Sri Harsha said...



.:: Rosh ::. said... the part 1 and thought of leaving my comments here.
Your post reminds me of a popular saying, jo bhi hota hai bhale ke liye hi hota hai....

Supremus said...


And here was I expecting a rajkumar on a horse story hehehe!! Of course private matters are errr umm private matters, and I like the fact that you dont want make it public.


chitra said...

Sheesh...sheesh...and sheesh !

Anonymous said...

atleast u can tell us what those private matters are ;)

Abhinav said...

anti-climax indeed

Shruthi said...

Raj: Yup I can imagine!

Harsha: Thanks ;)

Magic Lens: Precisely! I thought of that a million times ;)

Shruthi said...

Supremus LOL!! :) And thanks for understanding!

Chitra: Sorry, sorry and sorry! ;)

Anon: Ho ho... yeah right! ;)

Abhinav: Sigh!

Manasi said...

Hmm.... disapointing! But of course i understand and like it. Maybe sometime when we meet face to face you can reveal the secret ;)

Nirwa said...

Heh heh.. this is what I call deceiving the readers! :P :P :P

Now even I won't tell you how I will meet my future husband! hmphhhhhh!!



Shruthi said...

Manasi: Thanks! And yes, I will look forward to that! ;)

Nirwa: HA HA! :D Please tell, please tell! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Shruthi,
not jus most of us, every one was curious....
hmmm... anywayz we respect ur privacy :)

(ya, my name is also shruthi ;) )

Shruthi said...

Shruthi: Hey, thanks :)

Nirwa said...

Nope! You don't get to know how I will meet my future husband.. :P at least not till I know how I meet him! :P :P :P :P



Shruthi said...

Nirwa: Hee hee :D

chitra said...

Mail nalli kalisu Shruthi. Me very very curious :)!

LAK said...

Hey Shruti, You write very well. Was a bit disappointed to not know the juicy khabar and the details of the romance, but also admire your reticence---after all it is a very precious matter.
Thanx for dropping by my blog. Keep writing.

- -