Sunday, December 04, 2005


I was out of town for the weekend, and when I get back, I see this! I have never won a slogan contest before - in fact, I haven't even sent in any entry to any slogan contest.... I always thought I was pathetic at creative slogans! ;) Anyway this one made my day! Now I have to look out for some good book at Amazon to redeem my $10 gift voucher. Shouldn't be too difficult... but do you have any suggestions?


Vinaya HS said...

Came across your blog through Desi Pundit. Nice blog. Congrats for the slogan contest.

Global Indian said...

congratulations again!!

Chetan said...

Congrats! I won the contest and am wondering what to do with the $10 certificate as well, especially since shipping costs $5 more.

As far as suggestions for books below $10... Kite Runner (a brilliant, sensitive novel in its first 1/3rd part, later on tapers off but worth a read if you are looking for a fast read and know about Afghanistan.

Poems by EE Cummings. Check him out he is a fabulous poet. Staying on poetry Vikram Seth's The Golden Gate is a great read.
Have you read Rohinton Mistry? One of my favourites. If you have already read his A Fine Balance try Family Matters, a sensitive portrayal of a middle class Parsi family and also a glimpse into how Indians deal with old age. This one is a real gem and I would highly recommend it. Just check out the cover of the book. That should clinch the argument!

Bhupi said...

Good job but which comment was yours ;) I guess Desic Instinct. Well if u want to get something for u just let me know(free shipping :)) but u will have to let me know which book u want i don't know anything abt books :))

Shruthi said...

@Vinaya: Thank you!

@Ravi: Thanks again ;)

@Chetan: Congrats to you too! Wow thanks a ton for the suggestions! Will definitely check out the books you mentioned. Haven't yet got the time to go to Amazon. And I hadn't considered shipping costs at all! $5??? :(

@Bhupi: Thanks yaar.. Yes, Desic Instinct was my entry. Sure, will remember your offer ;)

indiacorporatewatch said...

Congratulations again Shruthi

If you are looking for anti corporate
then I would suggest you buy
"No Logo" by Naomi Klein

But I think its available on the footpath for 70 rs

Shruthi said...

@Abhay: Thank you!
I did hear of this book sometime ago... will look out for it! But since you say that its available on the footpath... well.. :)

Sri Harsha said...

Hey ther shruthi....well done!


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