Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Writing Workshop for Children

I'm conducting a free 2-hr workshop for children - designed to recognize good writing, so that children can learn to use it in their writing, and recognize why they like the books they read.
Ages: 8-14
Date: 5th August, Saturday
Time: 2:30 to 4:30 pm.
Entry Free
Venue: Aakruti Books, 3rd block Rajajinagar, Bangalore
Email: for confirmation, or you can confirm on the event page below

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Accidentally-Seasoned Hobo said...

Manya and You!! I Just read your blog on Huffington Post and cannot tell the emotions it evoked in me. May be that is why you are a story teller, may be that is why you write so well--and we, your audience, hang on to every word!! Waiting for the next, and the next and the next!! Thanks for sharing your story and thanks for writing. You bring joy to many. Wish I were there at the workshop --hope it went well!!

- -