Monday, January 23, 2017

Giveaway of The Secret Garden

If you are still around and haven't given up on me due to the inactivity on my blog, here are two things I want to tell you:

1) I'm going to do a post-a-day on my blog soon, and make up for all the silence.

2) There's a giveaway of my book The Secret Garden happening on Indian Moms Connect. Here is the link (at the end of a lovely review).

One copy up for grabs in India, and one in the US. Do sign up!

More about The Secret Garden:

Why don't fig trees bear any flowers?
What is the relationship between a gigantic fig tree and a tiny fig wasp?
Why are hornbills such great parents?
And what does a hornbill have to do with fig trees and fig wasps?

Find answers to these questions and much more in The Secret Garden, an engaging book with beautiful illustrations and rib-tickling cartoons. The book tells you all about the fascinating relationships between living beings in nature, and why one cannot survive without the other.

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