Monday, February 24, 2014

Puttachi reads about herself

I'd put it off for too long, giving Puttachi parts of this blog to read.  But for a couple of days, S and I had been reading and enjoying a few of the early posts about her, and so today, I picked up this post and we sat together as I read it out to her.  She loved it - the joy and amusement in her eyes and smile was absolutely heartwarming. 

Not just that - She made a correction too.  I'd written in the post:
...... I started singing "Lambodara" too. [Lambodara lakumikara is the first composition taught to students of Carnatic music]. .......... [The second line is Ambaasuta Amaravinuta"]. She likes Ambaatuta and sings it all the time. My guess is that she thinks it is a song about cows, because "Ambaa" is her word for cows.
"No, Amma," she said today.  "I'm not sure about that age, but after I was older, I thought it was a song about you.  Amma-Amba.... "

So, I guess I'll have to start publishing an Errata section as she reads more posts about herself.


rajk said...

I really wish you had a like button on your blog!

PeeVee said...

LOVELY!! Echoing rajk's wish! :)

parijata said...

Darling Puttachi knows that ambaa means amma (in Sanskrit) :)
My daughter used to keep repeating "bOda" often, as soon as she could string two letters. We were wondering what it was, and then, after a few days, realized that she was trying to sing "lambOdara"!

Radhika said...

Agree with Rajk!! Was looking for like button :-)

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