Sunday, July 21, 2013


Puttachi had forgotten to take her English workbook to school one day, and so the teacher asked her to complete her work at home.  This was English composition, and one of the questions was, "My best friend is _____"  She filled it up -  "X and Y." (Names changed. Obviously.)
The next question was, "My friends like me because ________"

She:  Amma, I don't understand this.
Me: Ok, let me see... why do you think your friends like you?
She: I don't know.
Me: Think.  What is it about you that makes your friends like you and want to play with you?
She: I don't know... (totally confused.)
Me: Ok, let's think about it this way.  Why do you like your friends?  Why do you like X and Y?
She: I like them because they are my friends. (her tone was as if it was a very obvious thing.)

I laughed.  But then I stopped.  Could this be one of the secrets of a good relationship? Unconditional love and affection? Not liking someone for their qualities, but just because?  I'm sure there's something very deep in here, but I'm not able to put my finger on it.  See if you can help.


Anonymous said...

My friends like me because I like them! Puttachi is perfectly right! Thats the way to go and fill up those other answer is possible..

We need to learn from kids..they teach us a lot!


Shruthi said...

Bhavana, it was more like - "I like them - because they are my friends." But yeah, there's so much to learn from them!

Anonymous said...

over the time in the name of maturity we carry so much baggage that stops us from enjoying things as they are and accepting in their pristine state. I think we have to learn from children to unlearn ourself.

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