Wednesday, July 04, 2012


Puttachi gives such generous compliments! 

Here are a few things she says about my cooking:

- Amma, you know exactly what I like.  Thank you soooo much!
- Mmmmmmm this is soooo good I cannot believe how good it is. 
- Amma, you cook sooo well, so well that you can teach others how to cook!
- Amma, give me your hand, I want to kiss it, because this hand made such tasty food!

If I'm wearing something nice:

- Oh Amma, this is such a beautiful dress I can't believe how nice you are looking.
- Oh here comes pretty pretty Amma!

If love just overflows for no reason:

- Amma you are such a cutie pie
- Amma I love you sooo much you are such a nice girl.

Is it any wonder my head is in the clouds these days? :)


~nm said...

Super adorable :)

Sumana said...

LOL wonderful, that is a great character of hers to praise people when one needs to be. Many people are ata loss of simple things like those, we just tend to forget and acknowledge others.
On the other hand i wonder how many times they use the word believe, my son does that all the time.

CC said...

heart heart!

Adu said...


Trupti said...


Radhika said...


Wanderer said...

Awwwww Puttachi is so damn sweet, I want to hug her and shower kisses.
Puttachi and you make our lives sweeter by your regular updates. Thanks for sharing the lovely tidbits.

parijata said...

That is so lovely!

Anonymous said...

what fun! she's so generous with her overflow.. that's what we used to call it, ubharo. :)


Shruthi said...

Thank you, all!

Austere, ubharo is such a perfect term!

Sumana, LOL at believe! Your son too? With that stress>? :) ha ha!

- -