Friday, December 16, 2011

It happened in Puttachi-land...

Puttachi:  Amma, please draw me.

Grabbing a gel pen and the proffered piece of paper, I make a rough sketch.  I have no experience in sketching portraits, and this sketch looks only vaguely like Puttachi, but decidedly older.

Puttachi is in splits when she sees the drawing.

She: Amma, it doesn't look like me at all, but it looks just like you! 

S comes back from work, and Puttachi shows him the sketch.

S: (Grimacing) Whew, I sure hope Puttachi doesn't look like that when she grows up!

Me: *eyerolling*


Puttachi has an upset tummy, and I'm warning her not to eat the snacks they give at school.

Me: Please eat only what I have sent in your lunchbox.  Don't eat anything at school, remember, and don't drink milk.

She: *wagging her index finger at me sternly* I hope you'll give me buttermilk when I get home, or how will I get my calcium?

Me: Yes! *pumping fist*

Imparting awareness in nutrition - tick.  And the last part was said in correct English too!

Puttachi:  Amma, am I taller or is X (her friend) taller?

Me: What do you think?

She:  I know I am taller than her.

Me: okay.  (Puttachi is taller, but I don't want to make these things an issue, so I don't offer any comment.)

She:  But X keeps telling me that she is taller.

Me: So do you tell her anything?

She: No, I don't.  I just let her think she is taller.  I know I am taller, so I just keep quiet.

If only she retains this wisdom even in the future...


PeeVee said...

I can't believe what she said in the third part!! I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have thought that way when I was 4 or 5!!

An old timer who shut her blog said...

Way to go Puttachi! She's already speaking so smart.

Nithya said...

Smart & cute happenings in Puttachi land :)

CC said...

Part 3... :-O
I figured that!!!!!!!!!!

Prashanth Chengi said...

I saw a link to this post on the fb page of a friend of mine, Harish Bhat. I loved this post and also loved reading your 'Amma's Birthday Gift'. Simple, beautiful and amazingly powerful. Guess I'll be popping over to your blog a lot more often now!

Shruthi said...

Peevee, neither would I!

Thanks, Old Timer and Nithya!

CC, ha ha, I hear you!

Prashanth Chengi, welcome to my blog. I'm so glad you liked "Amma's birthday gift." It is one of my favourites too! :)

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