Saturday, July 16, 2011

A part of Pottermania

We caught the last Harry Potter movie last evening.

This was the first time ever that I watched a movie on the day it was released.
This was the first time I've been in a theatre which was completely full. All seats taken.
It was one of those old, large theaters, a non-multiplex one, with Balcony class and Rear class and all that. So you can imagine the number of Potter fans in there.
It was largely a young, energetic, highly-charged young adult crowd.
It was an electrifying, very well made movie, and dare i say more engrossing, terrifying and arresting than the book itself.

As a result, it was probably one of the best cinematic experiences I've had. The crowd screamed at the first appearance of every character, hooted with laughter at the humor, screamed with delight at every instance of daring, and brought the roof down with the destruction of every horcrux.

I came back with a great sense of satisfaction.

Not that the movie is perfect. But it certainly comes close to it.

I only wish it wasn't in 3D. The enhanced experience wasn't worth the heavy glasses.

So here's to:
S who surprised me with the tickets.
My parents with whom we left Puttachi.
The film makers.
JK Rowling and her stupendous imagination.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I was pretty disappointed with the movie :(
But glad to know you had a lovely time! So sweet of S and your parents.


starry eyed said...

Oh, thanks for the review! Wonder if it's there in 2D....I also don't feel anything is so great abt 3D. Taking Div, altho she has read only one book so far...and will know the story...but it's her only chance to see it on big screen.

praneshachar said...

its always a great experience to watch movie when theatre is full as usual u have rocked in presenting it shruthi

sandeep said...

urvasi theatre? just taking a guess, coz i was there too last friday and really liked the experience :)

the only difference is that i luved 3D too!

megha said...

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rahul said...

its really a nice movie and people love to watch it .
millions of fan want this movie first show so their is huge crowed in the theater even in the morning show.

Ya this movie is good over 2D screen, in 3d such scenes does not look very nice...


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Shruthi said...

Ano, I know, so sweet :)

Starry eyed, so did you go? How did she like it?

Praneshachar, thank you!

Sandeep, yup :D

Megha, Rahul, ITB, thank you.

- -