Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Summer and conversation

The summer holidays are upon us and Puttachi and I are having a good time. No hurrying in the mornings - no sticking to schedules - we just do what we want to.

We have a long list of friends (hers and mine) that we are planning to meet, and we have places to visit and things to do - but in the meantime, we are engaging ourselves in a lot of activities at home. I intend to make a list of things that one can do with a child in the summer holidays - will do that shortly.

Me-time is not very easy to find now, I can read and write and work only after Puttachi goes to bed. Housework is not too difficult - I do it with Puttachi going non-stop yak-yak all around me (both literally and figuratively.) I even take her "help" to do some work, and am assured of complete cooperation. But I still do have some writing work to do during daytime. I set an alarm, and tell Puttachi to play by herself until the alarm goes off (just a half-hour chunk.) She obliges, but the moment the alarm rings, the flings herself at me, the dam breaks, and her words fall all over one another as she hurries to tells me all that she had been itching to for that whole half-hour.

The other day,
She: Amma, how old will I be on my birthday in May?
Me: You tell me yourself.
She: Four!
Me: Yes.
She: And then how old will I be next year?
Me: You tell me.
She: Five!
Me: Yes.
She: And then next May, I will be Six, then I will be Seven, then 8,9,10,11,12,13,14....

That quick. Yes, that quick. The years will just fly by and I'll wish to hold this slim, warm, wriggling child that she is now, will want to stroke her soft cheeks, and instead I'll find a teenager - a sulky teenager if she has my genes - sigh.

Then she continues....
Amma, I like you very much. So when I grow up and get married, I will not live in my own house. I will bring my husband also and stay in your house. Okay?

Yeah right :D


PeeVee said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH :D :D nonstop entertainment!

parijata said...

Cute Puttacchi!

But what is it with kids and marriage? My son (6 years old today) declares that he wants to marry N, a cousin's daughter. When I asked him if he knew what marriage was, he replied "Yeah, it is taking photos"! :D

Ingru said...

It is so nice that you are getting a lot of time to spend with your cute and lovely Puttachi. I can feel the value of it as I am a working mom.

Now a days I keep reading your blogs whenever I get free time. I like the way you are writing and Puttach's activities resembles a lot with my 16 months old son. Even I have the habit of recording my little one's activities but I usually record it in small dairy. I think I should start blogging(but no prior experience in blogging :-( )

Enjoy your maximum with Puttachi now as you may not get this leisure once her school reopens!

Sachin said...

I so so identify with that. Even though Sherry is just over 2 years, she is constantly after us talking non-stop, requesting "stoyyyies". And as she has not yet started school, it is vacation-time all the days!

Pooja said...

HAHAHA... children are truly entertaining!

Shammi said...

Record what she says and play it back to her when she's a stroppy young adult desperate to leave home! :D

chitra said...


dropped by your blog after a long time.

WoW!! time really flies, she is 4 years now!!!

i recall my son remarking when my sister got married, "why should the girl leave her parents behind. whenI get married, i will bring her parents too!"

Achu said...

such a cute post... :) kids bring so much happiness... :)

austere said...

Quite like the jamai idea..

Shruthi said...

Peevee, you bet :D

Parijata, LOL taking photos!! :D

Ingru, don't despair - try to put in some quality time with your child - giving him 100% attention when you are around! And good you are recording everything - try blogging, not hard at all.

Sachin, ha ha :D

Pooja :D

Shammi, exactly what I was saying!

Chitra, LOL LOL!! And a big Shudder!!

Achu, thanks :)

Austere, :D

Veena Shivanna said...

@Shruthi, PuTTachi getting married. cool I am thinking a blog post by you. A mothers emotions on a daughter's wedding. Lucky boy and getting Shru as MIL is something quite different :-)

praneshachar said...

wow wow super one from you shruthi enjoyed reading again and again just relieved of so much tensions at office after hectic day thanks thank u puttachi for such a wonder kid and ur wonder amma is keeping all jotted for your reading after some years
thanks once again

- -