Thursday, January 20, 2011


My grandfather turns 90 today. To commemorate it, we had a gathering of his friends and family in Mysore on Jan 1st (My grandmother's birthday - she turned 84.)

We also launched a website. It still needs work - but do have a look.

90 years. Or 84 for that matter - can you imagine the kind of changes that they've seen in the course of their lives?

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Shastri said...

My best wishes for the great man.

As I have previously commented on your blog, he was one of the people who inspired a boy like me in a small remote village to get interested in science and technology and pursue a career in it.

My father had the sense to subscribe to 'balavijnaana' from its very first issue (although I was only 1 year old in 1980!). I cleared the backlog as soon as I learnt to read and I was an avid reader all through till my high school years.

My father also made me write a letter to Prajavani's "vachakara vani" when the state government decided to stop funding KRVP in mid nineties. I wish to believe my letter had a role in the government re-initiating KRVP's funding ;)

I remember having those early issues of Balavijnana, in bold monotone print colours, in the attic until very recently. I will try to find out if they have survived several house moves since then.

praneshachar said...

may both of them have wonderful years of togetherness continue I remember you went for your ajjis sahasra chandra darshana or 80th birthday. my felicitaions and respectful regards to both of them. It was nice meeting them too at your sisters marriage
Its nice of all of you to launch a website. It goes long way in spreading the message of him thro this kudos to all who made this happen

- -