Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dinosaur FAQ

Last evening, Puttachi and I made a model of a Dinosaur skeleton, using a kit with little wooden pieces shaped like a dinosaur's bones.

After we were done admiring it, Puttachi's questions began.

Amma, are dinosaurs still there?
No, they all died a long time ago.

But there was a dinosaur in London.
In the (Natural History) museum? That was a big toy. Batteries inside it made it roar and move and made it look like a real T-rex.

Did they make that toy to look like a real dinosaur?

Why did dinosaurs die?
A huge rock came from the sky and fell on the earth, killing all of them.

Why was there a huge rock in the sky?
There are many rocks in the sky, they are called asteroids, they move around. Sometimes, one comes in the way of a planet and hits it.

What happened to all the people?
There were no people then. It was very long ago. People weren't even born then.

Then how do they know that a big stone hit the earth?
They do not know for sure. People who have studied about the earth and who know about dinosaurs, have thought about it, and they've said that we don't know what killed the dinosaurs, but it looks like it was a big rock from the sky.

Did you also think about it?
No Puttachi, I did not. I am just telling you what I have heard and read.

Are there dinosaurs in India?
They've found dinosaur bones or fossils in India, but there are no living dinosaurs even in India.

Why, did a big stone hit India also?
No, no, there was just one rock that hit the earth. But it was very huge. It raised so much cloud and dust and disturbed the waters of the ocean, that the dust and water spread all over the earth and killed all the dinosaurs everywhere.

Where did the rock fall?
I don't know, Puttachi. I'll find out and let you know - if the experts know.

Will dinosaurs be born again?
No, it's unlikely. But then you never know. Oh there was even a movie about it - that dinosaurs were brought back to life.

Did these dinosaurs come near people in the movie?
Yes they did.

Did they eat the people?
Umm yes, I think they did, some of them. But then that's just a story - a movie.

Amma, will you show me the movie?
Sure, in a few years from now. I don't think it is meant for children your age.

It is scary at times. Even I got scared when I watched the movie.

But you are a big girl.
Even big girls can get scared.

The Lion King is not a scary movie.
That's right.

It is for kids. Even kids can watch it.

I like The Lion King.
I know.

Amma, do you remember what Simba said when.....

... and she moves on to more mundane matters!


insearchdestiny said...

1. Why was there a huge rock in the sky?
2. Then how do they know that a big stone hit the earth?

I was really laughing at these questions. How clever she is!!!

Anonymous said...

Their relatives exist. You can show the bone structure of any bird, a chicken perhaps. And then there are reptiles of all kinds and the closest and most interesting one common across the garden city - the garden lizard.

sandhya said...

There is no denying the logic which raises every next question. Kids really challenge us, don't they? Enough to shake us out of the rut we invariably get into.

Arundhati said...

:) Like the way you explained stuff. And of course her questions.

We went through dinosaur mania recently. P refused to read anything other than 'dinosaur books'. It got a bit too much for me after a while, but the good part is I learnt some new stuff

Raam Pyari said...

these posts are just absolutely lovely!!!

Adu said...

:) :) :) :) gosh!! so adorable!

Lively said...

You're such a patient and wonderful teacher. And Puttachi is so so curious to know about things. Dinosaurs is fine, but asteroids at this age is wow!
Hope she keeps asking questions like this, looks like she's aiming to become a scientist :)
Bless her.

praneshachar said...

ababbba yenri idu i pati prashnegalu how u manage so many Q great mom great puttachi hats off to great mother daughter duo kudos to wonderful mom

Swaram said...

So many qs. Wow! She is smart and gr8 patient answers from u too!

Bliffblaff said...

hahaha that kid is cool, id let her watch Jurassic park. its one of the few scary/action packed movies that would spark the imagination for the kid.

Manasa said...

Show her the Jurassic Park n Loast world, she is a brave kid :)

Anonymous said...

funny post! Hey S, can you give me some tips on what to feed my 9 1/2 month old baby.

Thanks in advance,

rajendra chavan said...

Children don't just listen they read your face ,they count the time you take to is a great skill and a challenge.By putting these lovely moments in words you are actually writing a book on parenting.

- -