Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My baby's baby.

I am a Grandmother.

No, really. Puttachi has a baby. A "kaaNisade iro" (that, which you cannot see) baby. This baby eats kaaNisade iro food, drinks kaaNisade iro milk, and bathes with kaaNisade iro water. And this baby, which is called Little Puttachi, goes with Amma Puttachi everywhere.

Last night, after Amma Puttachi had gone to bed, Little Puttachi felt thirsty.
Amma Puttachi: Amma, please turn on the light. Little Puttachi wants water.
Me: Give her water without turning on the light. Puttachi, did you want water?
Amma Puttachi: No Amma, I don't want water, my baby wants water. Please turn on the light so that she can see. What if she thinks I am giving her milk?
Me: I'm sure she can make out the difference in taste.
Amma Puttachi: (Making "glug glug" noises.) She could make out the taste, Amma.
Me: Good. Go to sleep now.

Little Puttachi came with us to England. We had bought a stroller for Puttachi to use there, and so, immediately, Amma Puttachi obtained a kaaNisade iro stroller for Little Puttachi.

When travelling by London Underground, S~ carried the stroller on the escalators while I carried Puttachi. The commuter movement was very fast as can be expected, and we had to be quick on our feet, so as not to obstruct anybody in a hurry. Just as I stepped on an escalator, I would lift Puttachi and place her on it simultaneously. But, I had forgotten that my daughter had her baby to attend to. The moment I bent down to lift her, Amma Puttachi bent down to lift her kaaNisade iro baby and made little endearing noises, and adjusted the baby's clothes, while I teetered on the edge of the escalator trying to grasp my daughter, holding up half a dozen irate commuters behind us! Finally I suggested to Amma Puttachi to carry her baby in her pocket like a kangaroo, and she thankfully complied.

Little Puttachi felt scared when the car went too fast on the motorway, but Amma Puttachi was very brave. Little Puttachi felt sleepy and hungry and cried all the time, but Amma Puttachi was usually cooperative.

Little Puttachi will probably go to school with Amma Puttachi. I'm hoping kaaNisade iro baby will give Puttachi company for the first few days until she gets some kaaNiso (visible) friends.


Rad said...


Revati Upadhya said...

hahahhaha this is fantastic!
dont send her to school! she will forget all imagination and curiosity!!

starry eyed said...

Oh her teacher might have some questions for you at the PTA :)

mumbai paused said...

Not an imaginary tiger like Calvin has, thankfully!

Adu said...

:) :) :)

Dhanya said...

ayyo so sweet :) Shruthi puttachi has got ur imagination n i hope she also starts writing/blogging soon ;)

praneshachar said...

Wow its great time for you and enjoy
its amazing to read and you have such a wonderful three years. Puttachi have wonderful time in school and till you get kaniso friends enjoy company of your bABY lttle princess. Kanasinalli kande na govindano anno hage kanasinalli kande ni ninna kandana
shruthi loada of thanks for you for sharing all these in this forum and its great reading and I fee I am part of your jouney
look forward to read more more and more.....

Sukhdeepak said...

Very nice blog. It is like an imagination.

Sorcerer said...

reminded me of my fav cartoon character... Calivin and Hobbes


Bhargavi said...

Omigod ..thats the most adorable posts I have read in a while... I am so glad to have found ur blog .. I am a Kannadiga and my baby-niece talks exact same things ....her baby by the way has a best friend too..apparently we can never see the friend either ...loved your blog ...

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