Friday, April 02, 2010

Impressions after a week in England

None of the following are path breaking discoveries - they have been well-documented, but the thrill of discovering it for oneself is special.

- It is a very pretty country.
- I LOVE the houses
- The foliage is enchanting, some of it is hauntingly beautiful. Most of the trees are still bare, but they'll start sprouting new life soon, and I'm looking forward to that.
- It is very cold, much more than I am used to.
- It is wet - rains a little almost everyday - makes everything look so beautiful.
- I can't believe how much preparation I need to do just to step out of the house.
- The wonderful traffic sense makes me very sad.
- I'm enjoying the company of my aunt, uncle and cousin, and am stuffing myself with the nicest food.
- Puttachi seems to be having a lovely time too.


Raj said...

To paraphrase Marcel Proust, the voyage of discovery lies not in finding new lands but in seeing the same land that many others have done and blogging about it. Have fun, Shruthi.

charu said...

Time to get poetic?

Anu said...

Isn't it beautiful?
The one month I was there, I simply loved it... it was the best :) Enjoy your time!

- -